Who’s Jenn

Jenn is…

  • a single, optimistic, ‘yellow’ female – living life on the middle lane
  • a Malaysian Chinese — but can’t read Chinese — only speaks Cantonese, English & Malay
  • struggling in the corporate world, making barely enough to feed herself, finance her general upkeep, as well as paying off her mortgage and never-ending bills that arrive in the post every month
  • happy working in the education line
  • from a middle-income happy family, with the occasional arguments and shouting matches
  • sometimes happy-go-lucky; sometimes irritable and moody
  • a self confessed coffee-addict who believes that caffeine cures everything
  • a person who gets bored easily
  • definitely a nice person, but always get bullied by others (YES!)
  • a dog lover, hates cats, currently maintaining a very healthy relationship with my dog, Oscar
  • currently working in the Education Industry
  • an aspiring writer
  • taking up a postgraduate qualification – due to complete end of 2011

Jenn was…

  • as ex-BBGSian (Bukit Bintang Girls’ School) – both primary and secondary. Her school is now the majestic Pavilion Shopping Centre
  • not quite fond of her primary school years; but secondary school was the opposite
  • a good student (honestly!) during her school years with not-so-bad exam results
  • a librarian during her lower secondary school years – wanted to continue to be one during her senior year but got bored
  • a student in Regent School of Economics (Stamford College) after graduating from high school. She took the Association of Business Executives (ABE) course
  • part of a small group who went over to the UK to do a nine-month top up programme, gaining a Degree in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University
  • a temp in a boutique and Dunkin Donuts

Jenn loves…

  • coffee! – can’t live without it
  • soups! Especially (Chinese) clear soups
  • writing – check out the story
  • reading – fiction and self development books
  • TV and Movies – horror flicks, comedy, musicals and Cantonese serials
  • window shopping, going for facials, lazing at home, surfing the WWW
  • trying out new skincare, buying make-up but never uses them
  • talking, gossiping, catching up with friends
  • cauliflower – can have it every day

Jenn hates…

  • tardiness – can’t tolerate or even understand that
  • hypocrites – can’t trust these people
  • sales assistants who follow you around, breathe down your neck and tell you all about their products
  • beauticians and hairdressers who pester and pester you to buy their products
  • red beans, dried shrimps, health food
  • drinking WATER!
  • traffic jams (ah well, who doesn’t?)
  • power cuts!