The Story

The story…

I have always thought of myself as weird. While all my classmates detest karangan and writing sessions, I loved them. These sessions gave me a chance to day dream and then put into words what I dreamt about. It was never a thing that I admitted openly and only until recently (early 2007) that I came out of hiding and took action to develop my skill and interest.

Most of what I write ended up being kept in a folder hidden away from all eyes. Even when I contributed to magazines and newspapers, I wrote under a pseudonym. My blog is not publicised like others and I felt shy and awkward in sharing and receiving feedback. I felt that my writing were never good enough!

It was only when I took a course in Creative Writing that everything changed. We were taught not to be afraid and to come out of the closet. We received encouragement and were told that our works are the best. And thus, with this newfound courage, I started to take writing seriously.


My recollection of being fascinated by poetry was in Primary Six when I came across an anecdotal poem penned by one of my classmates. It was hilarious, not the boring ones that spoke of green fields and blue skies. Her work; which was published in our school’s yearbook; made me look at poetry differently. And it was at that time that I thought poetrycould be entertaining.

Short Stories

My first ‘forte’ was writing short stories. I remember being in school where my friend and I would come up with short stories (in Malay some more!) of all kinds and write them in our exercise books. Unfortunately, I do not have those anymore; otherwise, it would be interesting to read them again. Writing stories is always more difficult than poetry, partly because I couldn’t help myself in editing and re-editing my manuscript.


2005 was the year I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), an online feat where aspiring writers register themselves and come up with a 50k words novel in a month. This is usually done in the month of November – we start writing on the 1 Nov and stop on 30 Nov. I hope to try to challenge myself every year to practice my perseverance and competence in meeting deadlines!

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