Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant

We had a visitor from the Australia doing some consultancy work in our office and when it is time for him to say goodbye, we thought of getting him dinner. Too lazy to venture too far away from the office, we settled on Zhia’s Kitchen Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.

I don’t frequent Sunway Pyramid too often and thus, am not aware that this restaurant actually exists. It serves good Chinese food and its non-halal. The common stuff that everyone else ordered was their barbequed meat rice sets and noodles. However, they also have items where you can order to be shared. My colleagues and I decided to order a few dishes to be shared.

Corporate decision making underway
To be healthy and fair to everyone, we ordered a balanced meal where vegetables, meat, fish and soup were included. Of course, this includes also rice for every one.

Oyster sauce kai lan

Roasted and barbequed pork
Roasted chicken
Sweet and sour fish
Lotus root soup
Old cucumber soup
Tucking in
The food there overall was not too bad and the bill, although paid by the boss, wasn’t too much of a damage either. The vegetables were cooked nicely and unlike some, tasted fresh and crunchy. There wasn’t any bitter taste to is as well. I am also quite happy with their roasted pork. Most places which served them do not how to cook them properly. This one has a good balance of fat and lean meat (yums) and was err, ‘roasted’ to perfection. There isn’t a porky smell to it as well which I absolutely hate. 
Meanwhile, their BBQ pork was only so-so. They are a bit dry and didn’t have the sticky caramel that gives most BBQ pork their kick. Could have done better! Other than that, the fish and chicken was nothing to shout about either. Probably because I am so used to eating kampung chicken and goes to places which serves good chicken rice, when I eat ‘normal’ chicken, they usually fail to satisfy me. Heh.
Anyway, a decent place to go to if you crave something normal and Chinese. Good enough for business lunches and dinner, too, but if you wanted something similar but better, your regular coffeeshop or roadside shop probably has better chicken/roast pork rice.


I passed by this quaint, new eatery on the row of shops where the Ampang Waterfront is often enough but never thought it was actually an up-coming franchise! Googling its name, B-Station returned quite a number of results, mostly reviews by fellow bloggers.
Its speciality are hotdogs and coffee, but they do serve good, traditional, Korean food as well. I love Korean food, so, I decided to give them a try. Their interior was tastefully decorated, so much that I felt a bit out of place, since I was just in my shirt and shorts.

B-Station boasts an extensive Korean food menu (Bimbibap, Kimchi Noodles, Bulgogi, etc). I felt hungry, so, I ordered their Chicken Teriyaki set which costs around RM11.90, I think. And my, the portions are sure huge!

I did ask prior to ordering if the set came with kimchi as appetisers and the owner told me that there’d be 3 types! I didn’t realise then that there’d be so much food:

There was a bowl of seaweed soup, kimchi, pickled white radish, sweetened fried anchovies and potatoes. The portions, although served in little bowls, are more than enough for me, considering the fact that I still had rice and the chicken to polish off. The only ones that I finished were the soup and kimchi. I do like the pickled radish and anchovies as well but not the potatoes.

The rice and chicken was nothing to different from what you’d get from a regular Teppanyaki joint. The chicken strips were just stir-fried with some carrot, bean sprouts and vermicelli julienne. Tasted alright, though but I’d like it more if they had removed the chicken skins that were thrown in together.

Definitely will return to try out their Western dishes and probably bring mom to check out their Korean dishes. For a lunch/dinner set at RM11.90, it is worth the price, considering the huge portions.

Manhattan Fish Market

MFM is one of my favourite restaurants when I dine alone and I realised that I have never done any reviews on their menu. I usually order their baked fish with herbs but the last time I went there, I was craving for some carbs and had their pasta instead. Will remember to update on my favourite when I go there next time.

I ordered their Creamy Seafood Pasta, which comprises of fettucinne with fish fillets and squids tossed in garlic butter sauce. It is indeed quite ‘heavy’, I would say. The pasta was alright, nothing too special. However, what I didn’t really like was the large pieces of calamari.

I was under the impression that their ‘squids’ were included in their garlic butter sauce (like their fish fillets) and not deep fried. I don’t particularly like calamari since the batter covering the squid rings is usually thick.

As for the accompanying garlic bread, I just left them untouched. The whole plate of creamy pasta is enough  carbs for me.

One of my favourite appetiser is their Crispy Whitebait. Basically, I like fish without the bones and this thing they called whitebait is just the perfect munch. Underneath these delightful, crunchy pieces is a bed of coleslaw. Their coleslaw, however, is just normal. I don’t really suggest anyone squeezing the wedge of lemon that came with it on the whitebait, since doing so will sort of make them less crunchy.

MFM is not one of my regular haunts but when I feel like having something better, I will definitely choose this. Itis, in my opinion, a healthier option compared to many of the fast food restaurants available in the country. Will try to remember taking some pictures of their baked fish when I’m there next.

Room Eighteen – 2

We went back to Room Eighteen in MV again together with dad. This time, I tried out their wanton noodles as I had planned. Mom had their porridge while dad ordered his favourite roasted duck rice.

The food this round, however, had disappointed us. Although my noodles were springy as how I like it, the taste just doesn’t appeal to me. Honestly, I think the food they serve in Canton-i and Dragon-i is much, much better. The taste of the noodles were quite bland and the pieces of roast chicken accompanying the noodles were tasted just like those you’d get in a regular hawker stall.
I did not really take any pictures of my parents’ food but my dad was complaining that his was not what he expected it to be. But I have to say that he’s really a picky eater and a bargain hunter! The food’s better be good if it costs a lot! Well, guess next time, we should really stick to his two favourite restaurants.
The only thing I liked on my table that day was the dessert I ordered – peanut butter cream – or whatever you call it. The cream was smooth and didn’t taste like it’s made out of stale peanuts. I have come across some which tasted stale, you know, like those peanuts you’ve left uneaten for a long time.
Anyway, I don’t think we’d come back here again. Tai Thong Restaurants (Room 18 is under the TT Resources Group) seriously do need to re-look at the quality of food they are serving.

Chakri Palace, KLCC

I love Thai Food, yes, I do, especially their spicy and sourish tom yam. So, when I was in KLCC one day with my brother and didn’t know what to eat, we ended up in Chakri Palace. It was lunch time and everywhere else was obviously packed with people. Nestled on the 4th floor where other ‘pricier’ restaurants are, this is one of those where we can actually find a seat.

The place looked up-market, and of course, food isn’t exactly cheap. It is not a place that you can go for a meal every day, so, I guess it should only be reserved to days when the moon is blue. Staff were attentive and friendly, decked in traditional Thai garbs. Well, for the amount you are paying, I think service should be good.

Every time I go for Thai food, I will choose the fragrant coconut as my drink. It somehow is a healthier option in my opinion compared to carbonated drinks. I hate plain water, so, that’s out of the question. Another reason is that I found coconut juice kinda neutralises the spiciness in their food. No matter how spicy the food is, a sip of coconut juice will make it better. Don’t believe? Try it next time!

Well, when you have Thai food, you’d definitely go for tom yam soup. Chakri Palace gives their patrons the option of a clear or red broth. You can also opt for the level of spiciness for both versions. 
I chose their clear broth and did not request for reduced spiciness. The bowl that was served to me tasted more sourish than spicy, actually. The seafood swimming in the soup was good – a fair amount of squids, prawns, chicken meat and mushrooms.
I ordered their set menu, which include an appetiser, rice, green chicken curry and two pieces of prawn fritters. There are other set menus but most had beef in it, so, I chose this.
Green chicken curry
Mango kerabu, prawn fritter and rice
Their green curry was something that I didn’t expect to turn out so well. It was heavenly creamy (with cholesterol-laden coconut milk, no less) and whoa, a spicy kick that I definitely will go back for. It has a generous amount of chicken, carrots and aubergine – so, if you are a light eater, share this with someone. This’ll let you order some other stuff from their menu as well!
Brother ordered something non-Thai, so, I didn’t really bother taking photos. So unadventurous! 
Chakri Palace is the only up-market Thai restaurant that I have been to, so, I can’t really make a comparison. I heard that Sri Ayutthaya is good, too, but never had the chance to eat there. But for the time being, this is good enough for me and perhaps I could convince mom and dad to try them one day!

Room Eighteen

Mom and I came upon this new place in Mid Valley Megamall and decided to give it a try. It stood where Chopstick Noodle House used to be and looking at the menu placed outside, it seemed interesting enough for us.
The concept is very much similar to any popular Chinese restaurant – serving slightly over-priced wanton noodles, porridge, a selection of dimsum, etc. Similar to Dragon-i and Canton-i. Place was new and quite comfortable.

As soon as we were seated, we were served this bowl of appetiser. Quite unusual from the usual fare of boiled peanuts or pickled vegetables. This was a mish-mash of fried tofu with shredded cucumber dressed with rojak sauce. o.O

It tasted okay, but I didn’t finish it cos I had trouble finishing even my main course.

I ordered a Thai style (spicy) noodle as my main course. The soup looks clear enough but it was indeed sour and spicy enough for me. However, it lacks the authentic tom-yam taste. The vermicelli are surprisingly soft, unlike those you have in regular hawker stalls. Condiments wise, it has a generous helping of seafood – including squids, prawns, shitake mushrooms and fish slices.

Mom ordered fried rice and according to her, it was good, too. I didn’t taste it, so, can’t comment, but towards the end, the plate was rather oily. It could’ve been better if they hadn’t used so much oil. But then again, would it be nice if less oil was used?

Another appetiser that we ordered was fried cuttlefish with salt and pepper. Nothing to shout about, really. The cuttlefish was, in my opinion, slightly overcooked. Too chewy. The salt and pepper taste wasn’t ‘heavy’ enough.

As for desserts, I ordered their mango and sago with shaved ice. It was a big letdown, actually. Although its ‘sweetness’ was just alright for me, their mangoes were not ripe at all! Am not sure if this applied only to my bowl, but I probably wouldn’t order this again.

Mom, on the other hand, ordered their red bean soup. Again, this was nothing to shout about. It didn’t really look too appetising to me either.

Well, we’d definitely go back for some other food, especially when they have a good selection of dim sum in the menu. I would really like to try their wanton noodles next time round.