Dedication and passion

I have heard from people so often and so many times that they wouldn’t want to be doing what they are currently doing for the rest of their lives. True, I thought about that sometimes, too. Especially when it comes to talking to students, explaining courses and entry requirements over and over again.

But then again, in an office of just three employees, we have to do everything – from packing to brochure designing to calling students, chasing agents, following up on documents and results and to closing the sales. Of course, there are the ‘bigger’ responsibilities, travelling, exhibitions, networking with agents and partners, etc.

Really one leg kick. So, no hierarchy or clear separation of duties. Whoever is free does the work needed to be done. Which I am comfortable with all these while. I never really ‘delegated’ anything if I could do it myself.

But this is not what my tajuk today. Heh.

I salute (or respect) those who will do absolutely everything to help a student. From convincing to counselling to guiding the students, although these things are meant to be done by the students themselves. It may be just because of work, but if we do it just for work, we’d not care about anyone’s welfare.

It all boils down to one’s dedication and passion to the work he or she does. Or shall I say responsibility towards the job he or she is entrusted with. However menial the job may be, one has to do the best he or she can. It’s about finding the interesting bit in your job and making it interesting. If you can’t even do a small job, how can you be entrusted with bigger responsibilities?



You can’t achieve your destiny until you’ve accepted responsibility for it. I’m as guilty as anyone… Often I’ll be grumpy about my situation even though I knew full well that (A) my situation is pretty darn sweet, actually and (B) I entered into the situation 100% willing. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves… and keep reminding ourselves. (Hugh @ gapingvoid)

Perseverance  is what I believe in. And hopefully, this ‘trait’ of mine will pay off. Call me stubborn but life demands everyone to persevere in order for things to happen. Money doesn’t grow on trees and success don’t fall from the sky.

Unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth.