A very nice colleague from the UK visited KL recently (actually, she is an ex-colleague: she resigned about 1/2 year ago and decided to backpack around the world) and I had the chance to take her around KL. Since both Inna and her boyfriend are backpackers, they are on an extremely tight budget and thus, driving them around to see some spots were the least I could do.

Obligatory visit to the Twin Towers:


Let’s see: we covered Dataran Merdeka and the flagpole, Lake Gardens, National Monument, KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers. Not too bad since we started off only around 3pm.

My boss Jeffery took them around again the next day to places like Royal Selangor, Batu Caves and some other places which I could not remember.

Of course, we also fed them with lots of good Malaysian food.

Inna and Steve at the office with another colleague, Su May:


They will be going around for a month or so, and thus, I really hope they’d enjoy themselves here. There was a slight mishap where Inna’s bag was snatched the second day she was here. Come to think of it, the first warning I had for her was to be careful with her sling bag when we met up.

Thankfully, she was ok, just some bruises and her passport was safe in the hostel.

It was quite an embarrassment, too, when they exclaimed that they have travelled to countries and small towns in China, Cambodia, India and Nepal and yet when they thought that KL is most civilised and safe, this happened.

Sorry Inna, I have to apologise on behalf of Malaysia.

We are really nice people actually!



This was quite backdated but I just received via email some better quality pictures, so, here goes:

Mini Zoo beauties

Mini Zoo beauties


Mei Yee and Kin Seng

September 2009 marked the month one of my BFFs got married. It was surreal even to believe that we are all so old mature already.

I’ve known Mei Yee since Standard One, and I can’t really remember anyone else whom I’ve kept in touch with for so long. Of course, there is Marie (seated, in yellow) and Yuen Yee (seated, in floral top), too, but we can also boast that we went to the same primary school, secondary school, college and university. How’s that?

Of this lot seen here, only three are still single (including yours truly) but that never did really matter. We still could sit at the same table, laugh and reminisce over the days when we were giggling, naughty teenagers.

I had always wondered – never in our life during our teenage years could we imagine ourselves attending each other’s wedding. Throw a couple of more years down the road, there may even be kids in tow.

But then again, even so, I don’t think our friendship will falter.

For I always believed that friends made during our childhood are the bestest, truest and longest lasting friendship you’d ever have.


OK, I got tagged on 9 January by Noriza without me knowing until today when I bothered to read her blog. I needed to list 16 things people may not know about me. Gosh, how can I come up with 16 things? I reckon most who read my blog knew me well already… But anyway, let’s see:

1. I don’t drink water – yes, I hate plain water!
2. I am quite a techie, ie, good in IT stuff, although no expert. Don’t know why I didn’t choose to study IT instead
3. I am a workaholic – well, I just believe that commitment to work is part of my responsibility
4. I love money – haha, although I don’t really think so, one fortune teller says I am
5. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning – I hate cleaning
6. I don’t make my bed (cos I am lazy!)
7. I can’t sleep without the air-con. Even if I’m sick, I will have it switched on and bundle myself up in my comforter
8. I like UK’s cold – cos I hate heat and that’s why I can’t sleep w/o the air-con
9. I used to be so thin my mom thought I was going to die of malnourishment
10. Although I work in customer service, I am not good at striking up a conversation with total strangers
11. I love kids – only when they are not mine
12. I don’t have any sense of direction – I always get lost while driving
13. I like writing – this should be something which everyone knows already
14. I have two sponsored children
15. I still feel nostalgic every time I think of my school (darn that Pavillion!)
16. I always wish that I am a child again – I hate the worries a grown-up must face

There you go. I don’t know who else to tag, so, whoever who happen to read this, please tag yourself and then link your post back here so I know I tagged someone successfully.


Yesterday was the big day of one of my closest colleagues in the office and also the first time ever I attended a church wedding. Myself and 2 other colleagues car pooled to the church, which wasn’t exactly very far but foreign enough for us to worry about being lost.

However, we managed to find the place and were (thankfully) one of those early-birds. One mistake another colleague and I made was to wear red. Thinking that I would probably stand out in group pictures it is better to wear red than black, to a wedding, we were mistaken for members of the choir (Pat – you should’ve told us not to wear red) but luckily though, we kinda told the usherer that we are the bride’s guests and was ushered to sit rather than sing. Plus I don’t think the bride would be very amused with us singing at her church wedding. Haha.

The wedding ceremony started not long after we arrived and although the church was not full, there were enough family and friends present to share he couple’s awww… moments. I thought it was touching when it came to the point where the bride’s dad handed her over to the groom. One of my colleagues present was almost in tears at this stage (we wonder why). Of course, we did manage to snap some pictures but these have to wait until uploaded by the camera’s owner.

Anyway, the whole process was simple and sweet and the priest/pastor did not really say much. I had expected it to drag on quite a bit and thought that there was going to be a long sermon. According to a colleague, the length of the ceremony depends on the priest/pastor. If he chooses to speak longer, then he will. It came as a relief, too, cos my stomach had started to make embarassing growls throughout. (I DID have my breakfast, okay!) After the announcement of the husband-and-wife thingy, we took some pictures with the couple and left for banana leaf rice lunch.

The couple’s wedding reception was on the same evening in a hotel which route I am familiar with. After picking up a colleague and her daughter AND weaving through extremely heavy traffic, we got there just in time for buka puasa and didn’t have to wait long until dinner was served. The bride and groom, of course, looked like they are the happiest couple ever (of course they are!) and alongside with equally energetic friends, everyone yumseng-ed the night away.

Talking about the couple, my colleagues and I actually saw them through their paktor-ing stage. It was funny somehow reminiscing how the groom will come to our office all the time, waiting to pick his ladylove and then putting up with us the annoying bunch of colleagues. Come to think of it, he really went through a lot to finally win her (right, Paddy? Sorry la, for treating your hubby so bad last time!) And the thing was, we never saw others’ (ie, Daffers and Angie) other halves except for him.

And, the only thing I remembered clearly was how we coerced him into getting us a tub of Pringles when he came to see her. Haha. Maybe I should’ve given them a carton of Pringles as their wedding gift. Well, cliche as it may seem, time did fly by and sitting there as a guest looking at them dancing (and trying hard to pop open that darned bottle of champagne) really is so sweet.

May they live happily ever after! And although I know both of you don’t intend to have those little monsters running around so soon, I still hope that I’ll get to torture love them! Muahaha!!

The things we do

When I first got the SMS, I thought I must be as excited as he was. The SMS was from my colleague’s husband one night (hey, no funny thoughts!) and it read:

I am planning for a surprise birthday party this Saturday for Sheila/Angie at (address) at 7pm. Please confirm if u r able 2 attend. Tq. Hector.

Since Angie is one of our close colleagues, we agreed lah, and there started our secretive exchange of SMSes and emails (hahaha..) Thank goodness I managed to get everyone to come and be on time, or else the ‘surprise’ element would’ve gone a bit stale.

I am going to write a bit of what happened on our side while I guess Angie will be writing in her blog how her husband lied to his wife managed to keep everything under wraps and well, tell a bit of white lies in between.

So, after getting the SMS, I replied saying yes and asked him to email me instead cos there is only so much you can write in an SMS. Furthermore, I was sure that there are a lot of things to plan – timing and synchronisation was crucial. I have not done any ‘surprise’ birthday parties before and naively asked him if we should be hiding somewhere when we arrived at her condo.

It was reassuring to hear of his plan – he would bring her out and then someone would be in the house to greet us. We were to arrive before 7pm and family would come back innocently after 7. And when Angie opens the door…… you know what to do.

So, there goes excited me forcing asking people nicely to come, telling them the specifics, etc. It’s what I do best anyway, ahem. Glad it wasn’t exhibition time, else, I will go bonkers. I initially invited only the Unicorn Club thinking that Hector wanted to keep it small. Then on Friday, he called again asking for more people. So, again, I went around asking people if they could make it and made them reply ASAP. I know la, with catering, you need to know!

So, after the confirmation, we set out to buy gifts on Saturday afternoon. Part of my plan in doing so is to keep Iren from going home to ‘take a nap’. We found gifts which we hope both mother and son will like and set out of the office at 6pm – just in case we sesat, you know! It’d be funny if we meet Angie at the carpark or lift!

Okay, too lazy to put everything into paragraphs – look at chronological bullet points of the heart attack situations:

  • Visali who was tumpang-ing our car was late. Iren, Jenn and Diana annoyed
  • As we were driving, there were 2 very loudspeaking, backseat drivers. Jenn wanted to go crazy already and had difficulty telling Iren where to go
  • When we reached the spot where Jln Pelangi 1 was supposed to be, we found it missing. Diana was screaming go straight, go straight past the traffic light but Jenn was sure that Jln Pelangi 1 was before the traffic lights. Don’t know how to read maps, this woman!
  • Iren took two daring U-turns to go back to the same spot where Jln Pelangi is supposed to be. Stopped there and 4 pairs of eyes can’t find the road. Jenn W called Jenn X – telling her we are facing Karak Highway, but Jenn X also don’t know where to go
  • Diana kept screaming that Iren go into one obscure road that some cars are going into. Jenn don’t agree, just in case the road leads back to Karak Highway. Then, in Karak highway, no U-turn, go back to KL, habislah our surprise party!
  • Iren got pissed off, went down the car to ask for direction
  • Noriza called Jenn on the phone (first thought – don’t tell me she sesat, cos we also sesat) and told her that they are there (phew!) So Jenn asked if they took a U-turn after Karak Highway and they did. So, Diana was right – go into that road
  • Iren came back and confirmed Diana was right – go into that road
  • So, off we go and we found Pelangi 1 and then Pelangi 9
  • Jenn W called Jenn X and confirmed that we are at condo. Jenn X says she will be arriving soon
  • So, the whole group waited at the guard’s house.
  • Waited and waited and waited.
  • Started to think funny, worried that Angie might suddenly come home since its already past 7pm. Hope that Hector will keep in touch with Jenn X
  • Funny thoughts – maybe we’ll see Angie at the guardhouse. We’ll make do with screaming surprise there
  • Or what if Shaun started to throw tantrums? Then Angie has to come back early. Never mind, Hector can handle him
  • Then we see a car coming, with Angie’s mom and dad. Didn’t see Jenn X – should we approach them?
  • They walk past without acknowledging us. Never mind, we follow them, maybe they got the key
  • We found out that they didn’t have they key but thankfully, Jenn X came with the key shortly.
  • Had problems with unlocking the gate!
  • After a few tries, gate and door unlocked. (Phew)
  • Every one waited in the house for Angie
  • Xavier Sisters attempted to switch on TV and aircon but don’t know how to. No one does. Successful after some fiddling
  • Closed the door, brought in all shoes, sat quietly.
  • Suddenly we heard knocking – thought Angie is back -weird, she wouldn’t knock, would she? The heard child’s voice – Shaun? – open door slowly. Ceh, Angie’s sister with nieces.
  • Pat called, wondering if we have ‘surprised’ Angie. Told her no. She and Ea Wei downstairs, hesitant to come up, afraid might see Angie at lift. Jenn says its safe to come up. Quickly SMSed Hector just in case they are also coming up to the condo
  • Finally after caterers arranging stuff and buka puasa time, Hector announce arrival. Everyone got ready. Jenn whipped out her camera.
  • And when the door opened, we screamed – ‘Surprise!’

This was how it went:

Successful, eh? Although I sorta expected some jaw-dropping reaction, but anyway… let’s see the birthday song pulak:

You can see from the mirror our reflection, although I mainly targeted my camera at mother and son.

So, that was it lah, we’ll see other people’s photos. And oh yeah, I end this with a picture of a very happy family:

Happy family

Happy family

Reunion of all sorts…

… it is, on 2 July 2008

One of my school mates came back to M’sia for a visit (from London) and initiated a reunion. Since it was supposed to be a gathering of us ex-BBGSians, where else better to do it other than our good ol’ school grounds – which is now a mega shopping centre – The Pavillion.

We were one of the ‘happening’ groups in our class (or school, I hope) – the one with the naughtiest and cheekiest members who don’t need to study at all, and yet managed to pass all exams.

Don’t ask me why, but we named our group ‘Mini Zoo’, with yours truly being Goldfish.

Mini Zoo (clockwise from top) – Goldfish, the Zoo Keeper, Giraffe, Babee, Polo Ah Pek & Froggy. Two members missing: Kerbau (camera lady) and Polar Bear (not present)

I know the picture is blurry, but this is the best picture I can find with every one included. Will upload another once a clearer one is available.

We parked ourselves at the C Club, a very, very upmarket restaurant in the shopping centre. The Club (or whatever you call it) retails diamonds at its lower level (known as the Carat Club), so, we practically had a ‘glittering night’.

But ‘glittering night’ it wasn’t, actually. We had a marvellous time catching up, laughing like we were school girls once again, drawing annoyed stares (or were they amused?) from waiters and guests nearby. And oh, Anita Sarawak nearly sat at the table next to us, but she changed her mind on eating there. We were too noisy, perhaps?

Mini Zoo (L-R) – Kerbau, The Zoo Keeper, Giraffe, Froggy, Goldfish

Although dinner that night was a bit pricey, I am sure that every one of us had enjoyed ourselves. I was laughing so hard reminiscing our teachers my jaw ached like mad. Froggy, the only mother that night, gave her views on giving birth and thank goodness we were all done with dinner, otherwise we would be really turned off the food. Anyway, the other 3 married members (who were planning for a baby, by the way) weren’t too sure now of having a baby.

Luckily for me, I don’t think I’d be having one anytime soon. Heh.

Our night lasted till almost 11pm, way past my bedtime. And trust me, there were still people hanging out at that place, don’t ak me why, when all shops were already closed.

Mom wasn’t too happy when I reached home, of course, but what to do, we haven’t met up for ages and that day was the only day we could go on and on. She expects me to be home by 10pm. Going home late (late means before 12mn, okay) once in a while shouldn’e hurt too much. Well, even Cinderella gets to go home by 12mn, so, why should I get home by 10pm?!