Double Happiness

That’s what the Chinese say during weddings.

I attended one of such on Sunday, a marriage between my cousin sister and her long, long time boyfriend. It was not just a wedding – it was also a gathering of relatives of all sorts, some whom I’ve never met for ages. My mom has 10 siblings and this cousin sis of mine is her brother’s daughter. So, you can imagine how many relatives they’ve invited.

Wondering how much the wedding would have costed make me shudder. How could a couple possible afford all these? While many ‘modern’ couples would want to do away with all traditions and customs, it is often the parents who insist that these cultures be followed.

Let’s see: the exchange of dowry and gifts, the hair combing, tea ceremonies, wedding banquets, etc. Throw in a church wedding if you need one. Often, guests are invited (albeit different numbers and groups) to these events and when there are guests, there must be food and monetary gifts. Of course, how can one miss the huge roasted pig.


All these could mean thousands of ringgit. Which, I think, could be better spent on a getaway, or a downpayment on a house.

But on the other hand, seeing how happy the parents are with the lively party, all this may be worth the trouble.



Extremely funny conversation I had with my brother and cousin thru MSN:

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: u there?

Peipeilicious says: yeaps

Peipeilicious says: what’s up?

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: WKK gng 4 dinner and dance, theme is uniform – suggestions?

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: i said become waiter – black pants, white shirt, black tie/bow

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: simple…

hugo has been added to the conversation.

Peipeilicious says: wah seh!!!

Peipeilicious says: hahahahaha..

Peipeilicious says: let me think

Peipeilicious says: become all the nerdie professor…..get a nerdie specs…plus..the professor kinda clothing…it will be cool!

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: eh, not fancy dress la, uniform la…

hugo says: -.-

Peipeilicious says:then chef oso not bad

Peipeilicious says: ๐Ÿ˜›

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: this girl study too hard edi

hugo says: yar

Peipeilicious says: LOL..mana ada

hugo says: simple pls

hugo says: can grab from normal wardrobe

Peipeilicious says: owhh…

Peipeilicious says: then go for waiter lor

hugo says: ya

Peipeilicious says: ๐Ÿ˜€

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: but then hor, later evry1 think u r the real waiter how???

Peipeilicious says: tat would be hilarious!!!!!

Peipeilicious says: muhahhahaah

hugo says: ๐Ÿ˜›

Peipeilicious says: then he can just help out but can’t get paide tho

hugo says: ya ya

hugo says: get more foot

hugo says: food

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: not many professions need uniform.

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: your bank’s uniform leh?

hugo says: no uni

Peipeilicious says: u know wht..just go find.

Peipeilicious says: school uniform

Peipeilicious says: hahaha

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: got osso cannot fit laaa.

hugo says: exactly i told her

hugo says: can laaa

hugo says: ๐Ÿ˜›

Peipeilicious says:can then wearla

hugo says: u fly over the uniform for mi isit

Peipeilicious says: lol..

Peipeilicious says: aiyo..when is ur party?

hugo says: saturday

Peipeilicious says: this sat?

hugo says: yar

Peipeilicious says: tsk only want to think

Peipeilicious says: a bit early rite

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: driver leh?

hugo says: still got one day:P

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: just put on a suit and a cap?

hugo says: driver where got uni wan

hugo says: den u might as well say bodyguard…put oin blk suit..and sunglasses

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: gotttt… no universal uniform, but u bluff a bit loh

Peipeilicious says: hahahah

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: eh, good… bcome man in black

hugo says: bouncer oso same uni

Peipeilicious says: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Peipeilicious says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

Peipeilicious says: HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

Peipeilicious says: sorry..i can’t help it

Peipeilicious says: its too funny!

hugo says: ๐Ÿ˜›

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: or become nurse la…

hugo says: u all no heart wan..still laugh at me:(

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: just a plain light blue cotton shirt and matching pants

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: u got yellow cloth?

hugo says: think i will buy a black bowtie..wHite sHIrt n blk pants

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: become monk..

hugo says: hmmm

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: no need to wear anythng at all!

Peipeilicious says: OMGOSH! AHAHHAHAHA

Peipeilicious says: HAHAHAHHAHA

Peipeilicious says: HAHAHAAAAAAAHA

Peipeilicious says: this is damn funny

Peipeilicious says: just become a waiterlaa

Peipeilicious says: u damn fussylor

Peipeilicious says: ppl help u to think..u reject totally

Peipeilicious says: u think oso la!

hugo says: realistic lah

hugo says: where to get all those barang2

Peipeilicious says: then u be realistic osola

Peipeilicious says: if its a theme party..

Peipeilicious says: eventually u have to buy something to go for it oso la

Peipeilicious says: other party… put myself in the position..i oso need a dress laa

Peipeilicious says: have to buy oso wert

Peipeilicious says: hahahahahaha

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: haiya, go wif waiter la

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: some more lazy wanna buy..

hugo says: where to buy

hugo says: ts already next time cannt wear

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: remember to bring also one piece of cloth and drape it over ur hand

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: taekwondo uniform?

hugo says: where to get

hugo says: u tll mi

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: pinjam loh, if got… if dun hv, den 4get it

Peipeilicious says: get frm ur friend’s kids ๐Ÿ˜€

Peipeilicious says: or maybe…junior college students

Peipeilicious says: hahaha

hugo says: yeah …have to make sure a giant kid

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: lolz.

Peipeilicious says: muahahahha

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: the kid’s taekwondo coach?

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: aahhhhh… sumo wrestler! pakai underwear

hugo says: -.-

Peipeilicious says:haaahaaa

wAnDeRfULLeSt says:i’ve got so many great ideas!

Peipeilicious says:i realised that too ๐Ÿ˜€

Peipeilicious says: eh..hw bout doc??

Peipeilicious says: ahahha

Peipeilicious says: just get the doc thing frm someone

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: stethescope?

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: go buy from a kid’s toy doctor set

Peipeilicious says: yeah!

hugo says: gg sleep

hugo says: nite

hugo has left the conversation.

Peipeilicious says: wah seh

Peipeilicious says: he is so fast

Peipeilicious says: haha

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: yaloh

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: ta yuen chai mm yiu woh seong

wAnDeRfULLeSt says: after ceremony, dun wan monk

Peipeilicious says: that is ur bro!

What a small world

I just discovered today that my neighbour, who lives only 4 doors down the road, works in the same building as I am. Yes, she works on the 7th floor while I work on the ground floor. Same block. Same building. And, I have been staying in this housing area for close to 3 years. And working in this office for close to 5 years.

Only today I saw her. How absurd that we’ve not bumped into each other. And how absurd that we have not thought of asking each other where we worked when we have been talking to each other so many times, liaising with each other over the committee meeting.



Remember my last post on life?

I received a call on my mobile when I was driving home yesterday evening. My grandaunt had passed away.

Well, I kinda expected it. The whole family did. She was in and out of the hospital for quite a bit of time. I didn’t know what was exactly wrong with her, but I guess it was a combination of old age and weakness.

My parents and I went to visit her earlier this year when she was admitted, and although she had seemed well, the doctors themselves weren’t so positive. Also, she was quite stubborn. She still wanted to climb up and down the stairs of her flat, clean the house and cook dinner even when she’s not supposed to do so. I guess it’s not plain stubborness, but when one reaches the age, you would want to feel useful. Sigh.

Her wake is going to be held in a Hall this evening and most probably our family would be there. I don’t like funerals and sad faces but their family is quite close to us.

May she rest in peace…

New car!

Ta-da… introducing my dad’s new car!

A new MyVi, which I have taken over driving. To be honest, I kinda liked my Kenari more cos being inย it gave me a ‘broader’ view of the road. If I can see better, I can drive more confidently.ย But then again, the MyVi picks up speed faster compared to my Kenari.

And sorry, only 3 numbers – WRH 235 – so, to those who are interested in buying 4D, come up with the other number yourself and decide where to place it.

Dinner for two

I posted this in my other blog, too, but since every thing looked so appetising, I am doing this here, too.

Jimmy and Nong Thai BBQ is tucked somewhere at a location people rarely know – Taman Cahaya – but the crowd on weekends makes you wonder whether they are that secluded or not. This place had been in existence for a long, long time and it is near where I stay.

I don’t come here often, as I know this is one of those place that my dad doesn’t like – food that doesn’t fill the stomach and expensive. So, one day, when he was away on a company dinner, my mom and I went to stuff ourselves silly.

Jimmy and Nong, however, is not one of those overpriced places where you tuck into your hot tomyam surrounded by cool air-conditioning and Malaysians dressed like Thai royalities you onle see in movies. This place is the least comfortable place for one to have their BBQ and tomyam. Be warned, when you are done, you will leave all sweaty and sticky and smelling as though you’ve been BBQed.

Heavenly Tomyam – not extremely spicy until you have no chance to enjoy the seafood swimming inside. I love the taste and mom who isn’t really a big fan of tomyam approves it, too. The portion for 2 of us is just right, although we did not finish the soup. There were at least 3 medium sized prawns and a reasonable number of quids. Of course, a little bit of button mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. One thing, though, the soup made me extremely thirsty. Must be the MSGs.

BBQ crab – we ordered just only one, which is more than enough for the 2 of us. Its flesh was sweet and fresh. Although it was BBQed, there isn’t a slight ‘burnt’ taste, which I was afraid of. Its shell was well ‘cracked’, so, you don’t need to hammer it the second time.

Salted fish kailan – Well, we do need some greens, right? They have kangkung belacan, too, but since we had other spicy dishes, we thought we’d order this. This is so-so, nothing really special. One thing to note that it is also not overly salty. We left it for a while when we attacked other food and it wasn’t too fishy, too when it was cold.

BBQ squid – Simply yummilicious! It comes with 2 types of sauces, one chilli (spicy) and one peanut (sweet). Mom simply loved the sweet one, but since I am not a sweet sauce kinda person, I dipped mine in the chilli sauce. Beware, though, it’s actually quite spicy. In fact, I think it’s a bit spicier than the tomyam. Their squid isn’t rubbery, instead, it was quite perfect a you won’t need to chew it for ages before swallowing.

BBQ cockles – I am not a fan of cockles, just the occasional one when I am having my curry noodles, so, I can’t comment much. Only thing I like is that it is not raw like those in your curry noodles but well cooked.

And oh yes, of course, we ordered drinks. I think the drinks stall was surely making huge money since every one seemed to be ordering second glasses. Both of us ordered a coconut each and towards the end of the meal, we had to add another limau kasturi with assam (ok, I don’t know what you would call this drink in English) which is, although very diluted, very thirst-quenching.

There are a lot of other food, like BBQ prawns, fish, lala, etc which we didn’t order. They have fried rice, too. We only had one plate of white rice to share. Trust me, you won’t want to stuff yourselves with too much rice. But, without rice, tomyam isn’t really tomyam, right?

I think I will come back for the affordable prices of authentic Thai food, but I assume people will one day get bored, since their menu is pretty standard. Unless they come out with more varieties, of course.

Conversations with my family

1) Coinsย 

Me: *texting bro* Hey, doย u still hv 1 sen coins ‘hidden’ anywhr? We hv 2 go chg them
Bro: Ya, under my pillows
Me: -_-‘
* while trying to think of something wittier to respond, went to inform mom*
Me: Asked your son if he still has 1 sen coins hidden anywhere, and he says yes (while trying to keep a straight face)
Mom: Where?
Me: Under his pillows (muahahahaha…)
Mom: Ohhh… dat one no need to change. Dat one need to keep
Me: ????
Mom: Those in the ang pow packet right? Those must keep!
Me: -_-” Backfired joke….

2) Hairdryer

While shopping and looking at some electrical products:
Me: Look at this hairdryer. It’s good, doesn’t dry your hair when you use it
Mom: Har? If the hair dryer doesn’t dry hair wat for you wanna buy it?
Me: -_-‘ Aaarrghh… That means your hair won’t become dry and brittle like the broom you have at home, not wet/dry!