Jenn’s travels

My travel notes here are largely inspired by an ex-colleague who has always diligently compiled notes based on her own travels. I thought it was a good idea, since I DID travel quite a bit and it would be a waste if I start to forget the beautiful places that I have been to.

I started to build on this only in October 2009 and is still  progressing. It will take some time for me to compile everything, especially to scan some hideous photos taken pre-digital camera time. Some of the travels I did (especially around Europe) were way back in 1998 when I was a student in the UK and may not be so clear in my memories anymore.

Also, please do not expect this notes of mine to be as comprehensive as Lonely Planet, it’s just some personal observations and experiences of mine. Of course, if I have felt strongly about something or somewhere, I’d get all excited (or agitated) but then again your experience may be different.

To read about the places I have travelled to, click on their respective links below. I try to make my posts as interesting as possible by posting pictures, so, hopefully  they will help. I have more pictures taken, of course, but I didn’t post everything here. To see a larger image, please click on the photo itself.

  • Hong Kong (February 2013)
  • Scotland (November 2012)
  • UK – Liverpool (November 2012)
  • Vietnam – Hanoi
  • Indonesia – Jakarta, Medan
  • Bangladesh – Dhaka, Chittagong
  • India – Coimbatore, Chennai
  • Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen (May 2009)
  • UK – Manchester, Liverpool, Wales (Lake District) (April 2008)
  • UK – London, Manchester (October 2002)
  • Europe – Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France (May 1998)
  • Ireland – (December 1997)
  • UK – Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, London, York (Sept 1997 – June 1998)

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