Six Years

six yearsAuthor: Harlen Coben

Yes, I have started reading again and back to reviewing books. Have no been reading much – and since I discovered this new e-book website which offers quite a good deal, I started using my Sony reader.

One of the books I started on was this – Six Years by Harlen Coben.

Coben is good, and I found the plot to this thoroughly engaging! I think I finished the book in less than a week, but this is also due to the fact that I brought it along on my business trip. It sure kept me occupied during those long plane rides!

Six Years tells of Professor Jake Fisher’s pining for his one and only love – the one whom he met during a short retreat in an elusive place. A seemingly carefree artist, she was just the perfect person for him and they clicked well.

However, things went a bit confusing for him. She got married all of a sudden to her ex, and made him promise not to contact them at all.

And he kept his promise. He got on with his life and stopped all contact. For six years.

Until an obituary for the husband came up – and when Jake went to pay his last respects, everything seemed to be a lie. Being a stubborn person he is, Jake was determined to sought out the truth, even to the extend of killing a human being and risk being killed.

The whole book centred on just a few days (at most a week or so) of Jake’s search for truth, and there were of course points where it got a bit too descriptive and draggy. I skipped some paragraphs of these descriptives (at least it wasn’t pages!) and started again on those bits where the story picks up again.

I had wished they were a tiny lil bit more during the last few pages where the truth was revealed – yes, the whole story did kind of led us readers believe something else was happening when in fact there is the twist to the story.

But hey, I think this is how better writers do their stuff – not in your face kind of revelation, but a more subtle, aha, kind.

Yes, a page turner. A mystery. a who-dun-it, twist at the end kind of books which I usually will go for.


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