A very nice colleague from the UK visited KL recently (actually, she is an ex-colleague: she resigned about 1/2 year ago and decided to backpack around the world) and I had the chance to take her around KL. Since both Inna and her boyfriend are backpackers, they are on an extremely tight budget and thus, driving them around to see some spots were the least I could do.

Obligatory visit to the Twin Towers:


Let’s see: we covered Dataran Merdeka and the flagpole, Lake Gardens, National Monument, KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers. Not too bad since we started off only around 3pm.

My boss Jeffery took them around again the next day to places like Royal Selangor, Batu Caves and some other places which I could not remember.

Of course, we also fed them with lots of good Malaysian food.

Inna and Steve at the office with another colleague, Su May:


They will be going around for a month or so, and thus, I really hope they’d enjoy themselves here. There was a slight mishap where Inna’s bag was snatched the second day she was here. Come to think of it, the first warning I had for her was to be careful with her sling bag when we met up.

Thankfully, she was ok, just some bruises and her passport was safe in the hostel.

It was quite an embarrassment, too, when they exclaimed that they have travelled to countries and small towns in China, Cambodia, India and Nepal and yet when they thought that KL is most civilised and safe, this happened.

Sorry Inna, I have to apologise on behalf of Malaysia.

We are really nice people actually!


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