Tai Chi Zero

TaiChiHero If I need  use just only one word to describe this movie, it would be — surprisingly good. Okay, okay, two words.

I had three TGV movie vouchers which is expiring on the day I went for the movie itself and with no interesting movies to watch, my parents and I chose this. Honestly, this isn’t something I would pay to watch – dialogue is in Mandarin, don’t know the cast (except for Shu Qi, Angelababy and Tony Leung – and all three are notorious for some other types of ‘adult’ movies)

The movie is the first part of two, starring a newbie who is also a wushu champion in real-life. Branded as a ‘steampunk action comedy’, Tai Chi Zero has various kung fu actions, video game elements and steampunk genre.

The storyline is quite predictable actually, with a country bumpkin setting out in search of a clan known for their kung fu skills. When country bumpkin finally found them, the clan refuses to teach him, reason being the skills are only passed on to family members. In the meantime, the village is attacked by the British, led by a ‘traitor’ cum ex-villager who studied engineering overseas but looked down by everyone else.

Of course, in the midst of the fighting and protecting the village, our kind-hearted country bumpkin gets seriously injured. Every one else was shocked to discover that this outsider had somehow managed to learn some bits of their Chen-style kung fu (thanks to his photographic memory) and demands him to be killed.

Unwilling to see the poor boy die, the Grandmaster suggests that his daughter marry the boy, thus making him family.

The show ended abruptly at this point, making viewers hungry for more – so will kind-hearted country bumpkin boy turn into a kung-fu legend?

Although predictable, I found the choreography highly entertaining (thanks to Sammo Hung) and will definitely catch the sequel!


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