Hotel Atlet Century Park, Jakarta

I stayed in this hotel mid 2011, I think, and it is only now that I had the chance time to review it. I chose Atlet Century Park  because one, it was recommended by British Council Jakarta, two, it’s my first visit to the city and I want to play safe and three, it is the cheapest option available on BC’s list!

It was not disappointing, I must say, but rather adequate for this first time visitor. The hotel was right smack in the middle of the Central Business District and it is easy to get every where. Check-in was a long wait – first, there were quite a number of people queuing and secondly, I was early and thus had to sit at the coffee house for 1/2 hour before I was given a room. This surprises me a bit since most hotels let me check in early. Maybe they were full. So, anyway. The hotel was quite packed, and I found that it was quite popular with Malaysians.


The room was quite large and the bed clean and comfy. There were plenty of space for me to move around (which is not important to me, honestly). No thin mattresses, stains or strange smells, which is good. One thing I don’t really fancy about hotel rooms are their wooden flooring. I reckon that this saves them trouble of cleaning and vacuuming carpets, but the whole wood look makes it look cheap. However, I kind of feel more at ease walking around barefoot on these flooring compared to a carpeted room.

Furnitures and fixtures

Both the seating and work area of the room are also ‘designed’ to complement the wooden look and feel. Thus, no comfy couches or high backed chairs, but rather some simple furniture. Likewise the TV – but this does not bother me much since I am not always in the room. The work table is excruciatingly small and thus, makes it difficult for business travellers (like me, ahem) to work. Plus, if you place some food on the table, it makes it even more difficult to work.

Their mini bar was empty, if I am not mistaken – another surprise – but it didn’t bother me as well because I don’t usually take anything from the mini bar. Sometimes, I do wonder who does given the prices.

One thing worth mentioning, however, was the care they had taken to ‘dress-up’ the towels in their bathroom:


Individual face and hand towels are tied with pretty ribbons. The wordings show the name of their hotel. Even the bath towels are tied with ribbons! (See pic below!)

Other than this, the toiletries provided are pretty standard and they also have a hair dryer available (for the girls!). Again worth mentioning, the bathroom is clean, hot water decent and no stains or whatsoever.

Food and other areas

As mentioned, the hotel is located right in the midst of the Central Business District, which makes it easier for those who does not want to eat in the hotel. Senayan Square, a slightly decent shopping centre is just right next to it and thus, you can pop in anytime for some restaurants.

If you’d like to explore further, larger malls are around 10-20 minutes walk away.


Good – would recommend!


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