V Hotel Lavender

Another post on budget hotels. This time it’s V Hotel in Singapore. I stayed at the hotel in May 2011 (yes, very outdated post!) and it kind of exceeded my expectations. It is not one of those ‘famed’ budget hotels in Geylang, but a proper hotel, without those additional services you don’t need at a fraction of the cost. No concierge services, no bell boy, you have to drag your luggage to your room yourselves (yes, there’s a lift) and no room service.

V Hotel is not exactly a super hotel with fantastic services, but one of the few popular ones sprouting in Singapore. According to the taxi drivers, these hotels are ever popular and they find it easier to pick up passengers from V Hotel (and the likes) compared to the 4-and 5-stars ones now since tourists are cutting back and looking for value for money.

The location of the hotel was superb – although not within the city centre, the MRT station (Lavender station) was just 3 minutes walk away. Check-in was quick and pleasant, although there were loads of tourists around. You will be required to pay in full for the entire duration of your stay upon check-in (ie, you can’t cancel nights or whatsoever). A word of warning here – please make sure that you pay in full when you check in. Yours truly had a staff who forgot to ask me to pay and it was 1.30am in the morning when I got a call asking me to go down and make payment (I arrived late in the evening)


The bedding, sheets and pillows are very comfortable and clean, comparable to those in five-star hotels. Obviously, you cannot expect them to give you an option of the type of pillows you want. Internet connection is available for an additional fee. The room is very small though, with barely enough space for you to walk and drag your luggage at the same time.

Furniture and fixtures

The writing table is very small, yes, but you can’t expect much really since this is considered a no frills hotel. Unlike Tune Hotels, though, TV and air-conditioning is included. Tea and coffee making facilities and house-keeping is also included. Although the furnishing are minimal, they do not look cheap, but rather, have a classy look. It may be because of the colour, but then again, the overall feel and touch of them were alright. The chair was a bit heavy though and I’d hate to drag it on the wooden flooring – it’ll probably do damage over time!


Their bathroom, like the room itself, is extremely small. Otherwise it is clean. Basic toiletries are included, together with towels. There is a shower stall, which is also small with barely enough space for me even to extend my arms! So, those of you who are errr… slightly larger in size, you may want to take this into consideration.

Food and other areas

There is plenty of food around the hotel – a food court with regular, value for money fares like chicken rice and noodles. The plus point is that V Hotel is, as mentioned, smack right beside a MRT station. Wherever you want to head to, jump on to the MRT – takes you anywhere!

There is a food court located right next to the hotel, besides a small number of individual shops. The food court serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is adequate, selection wise. For those who would like to explore further, Bugis Junction (shopping) is just one MRT stop away and yes, you can walk if you want to. Other than food, you can’t find much shopping in the surrounding area, unfortunately.


Good! It’s value for money, and will come back here especially on personal visits!


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