Tune Hotel, KK

This is an extremely dated post which should have come earlier on. However, due to my very busy schedule, I simply could not find the time to post this. Anyway, another hotel review – this time a very popular budget hotel in the Southeast Asia – Tune Hotels!

Yes, it does seem quite incomprehensible for me to choose a budget hotel during one of my business trips, but hey, I did want to try them out and I know they are not so bad. However, I am someone who is not choosy about hotels – as long as they are proper (ie no hanky panky activities) and clean, they’ll do. No point for me to pay so much for services which I don’t use. So, here..


Upon checking-in, I purchased the comfort pack (shower gel, shampoo, towel) and also the 12-hour aircon and internet access. Air-con is quite essential for me and of course, to check my emails, internet access. I later found out that the room with the fan on is quite cool and for those of you who can’t stand cold, it may be best to leave only the fan switched on. No need to waste your money on air-con. However, do note that this may apply only for the hotel I stay at – other locations may be warmer and thus, you’d probably need the air-conditioning.

Their beds are clean and comfy, sheets white and pristine, just like all other 5-star hotels. Of course, they do not have those nice, colorful, batik-inspired sheets which runs across your bed, but hey, who needs those when you sleep. Their pillows are alright, firm and fluffy – in fact, they are better than some other full-serviced hotels. No strange smells, no stains.

The room is small, yes, and DOES NOT have a cupboard to store your clothes, chair or sofa for you to lounge on, table for you to write on or even a huge mirror where you can look at yourself. Instead, it has this foldable ‘whatever-you-call-it’ little table where you can put your stuff on and close when you don’t need it. There is a little mirror when the table is unfolded. This lil table is where I place my netbook when I work. Else, just cradle it while you sit on your bed.

And if anyone wants to watch TV, there it is, a very small one attached to the wall. Since I was there for work, I didn’t really need to watch any TV – I was out of the room most of the time anyway. If I am not mistaken, most of the available channels are local ones, so, it may not even be worthwhile buying the TV access. Might as well get internet and then watch youtube. Heh.


And last but not least, the toilet. Small, but clean – simple, as you can see. The shower cubicle, which I don’t have a photo of, is somewhat similar to those regular ones you can find in a normal household. There is hot water as well, which suits me just fine. I think the hotel is quite new and the bathroom tiles still has the ‘grainy’ just-renovated feel. The whole look and feel isn’t too bad – like I said, similar to your regular household bathroom (unless of course you live in a mansion but then again, if you do, you won’t be staying at Tune Hotels)


In short, I would say Tune Hotels are value for money and well suited for those who are travelling on a budget. As someone who dislikes overly large hotel rooms (they are so depressing) Tune Hotels are great. Most of it are located in nice areas (I think) and if you are bored, you can just walk downstairs and head off to the shops.


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