Thai Odyssey

My parents had been talking non-stop about going for massages and rather than them ending up at some dingy ones run by god-knows-who offering after-massage-services, I took them to Thai Odyssey. It was not planned at all, and since we arrived in One Utama very early one morning, we decided to drop by the branch and see if we could fit in three pax at one time.

Surprisingly, they had slots! Since it was not planned and I didn’t have a proper camera with me, these pictures are stolen borrowed from their website and Facebook pages.

So, we went for their aromatherapy massages which costed us around RM100 each before tax. We wanted something more relaxing, compared to the usual pressing and kneading and twisting without oil. Since it was my parents’ first time, I got them a couple room and I went for a single room myself.

Their single rooms are quite similar to others. Nothing special, just a small room with a bed. And of course a lil hole where you can put your face when the message is going on. Dimly lit, soft music playing, no smell, clean sheets. Okay, its not as if I can see the sheets anyway.

 The couple rooms in their 1Utama branch, on the other hand, were all on the floor. Yep, no beds, and I was wondering if they were comfortable. No beds, mean no hole to put your face and thus, your neck is twisted throughout the massage? I have had the same experience in Jakarta and it wasn’t that pleasant.

But anyway, after checking with mom later, she mentioned that it was quite comfy since they had a makeshift neck rest made out of a towel and pillows.

So, first, we had to pay. Yep, full payment before any massages. Then cuci kaki at this section. They won’t do any scrubbing or massaging at this point but merely clean.

After which you’d be led into your room, and get changed into disposable undies, climb up the bed and cover yourself with the towel provided.

Their massage is good. Yes, not too bad. And the masseurs are all Thai – they could speak a little bit of English, but not so sure about Malay though. The one I had was middle-aged, not too young, which is good cos that shows experience. My parents’ said theirs was not too bad either and the masseurs really worked their muscles.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot – since we chose their aromatherapy massages, we got to choose the oil we wanted. After smelling a few, I couldn’t decide which I liked best so, from the menu given, I just picked – Relaxing. Heh. It didn’t smell bad during the massage, so, thank goodness.

Anyway, back to the massage.

Relaxing, not too painful – whole body worked, including head, shoulders and even my fat-laced tummy.

Towards the end, she asked me to sit up and did some twists and turns with my arms, head and and shoulders.

Final verdict: Value for money, definitely! Proper place, at least. If I were to go to Mandara paying full price, I don’t think I could afford it!


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