Are parents at fault?

I was reading the Sunday papers last week and there was this person who wrote in commenting about how different times are now with youths. He told a story of how a father’s sacrifices for his son has gone down the drain – while the son is all grown up and enjoying his life overseas, the poor father was left alone, poor and without anyone to care of.

The writer related that, the father, who despite not being rich, was able to send his son overseas to study. And gradually he was ‘made’ to send spending money every month – for his son to buy stuff, to fly home during the holidays and so on. And right after graduation, he sent some money again for his son to travel.

Throughout the story, it was made clear that the father was struggling with the payments,  and yet he never told the son anything and basically was able to come up with the money requested.

Anyway, the son soon graduated, found a good job, got married and lived overseas – far from the father and rarely came home to see him.

No money sent, nothing.

Although I do pity the father, and agree that it is not right for the son to treat him this way, but I also can’t help but think.. is this the new-generation parents’ fault?

Pampering your children and giving them the best are things that good parents should do – including ensuring them of a worry-free life, providing a good education and buying them things the said parents never got to have when they are young.

But then again, what does that teach your child?

Although I do not have children myself and I may or may not think differently when I do have some of my own, but I still think that maybe, just maybe, the father’s way of giving in to his son may be the cause of him being so ignorant.

Yes, ignorant.

Not so much of not being filial enough and all, but just plain naive thinking that the father has it all and he doesn’t need to worry about him too much. The fact that all these years, he must’ve told the son countless times – don’t worry, concentrate on your studies and I’ll take care of the rest.

My believe is always that, no matter how rich you are, your children needs to be educated that money doesn’t grow on trees and every one needs to work hard to earn an easy life. And that there are poor people around us, that the money they are using are hard-earned by their parents – yes, hard-earned. Even if you are a filthy rich minister businessman, the hours and torture  you put in your work are tough, no?



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