I never thought that I would bid farewell to my ‘new’ colleagues so soon. It had just been barely over a year and of course, like all employees, you feel sad leaving because you have built such good relationships with your colleagues and not because you love the company so much.

My colleagues are a great bunch of people to work with. Yes, there are those occasions where we do not agree with each other, but there are also those times that we bitch enthusiastically about stupid people.

I must admit that it was MUSC that had given me the much needed push. If I have stayed in BC, I wouldn’t have probably moved at all. I do agree that I shouldn’t have moved too soon – one year does not look good on your CV. It seems as if BC was the only longest job I have held. But then again, I am a believer of grabbing the opportunity when it’s there. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I hadn’t tried.

Farewells are never easy. But I also believe that life goes on for each and everyone. Call me unemotional, but perhaps it was experience that taught me not to hold on to someone for too long if something good beckons for that someone. I hope everyone else thinks that way.

And now, fingers crossed, I would perform just as well in the new challenge.

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