The harsh reality


One of our staff was fuming yesterday evening. Literally fuming, with bright red ears and quickened breathing. Initially, he did not want to tell us what caused it, but gradually, after some probing, he did. Apparently, he is still mad over what the boss did.

Well, it was not a small matter, of course, to a student working because you needed some extra money. What he said was somewhat true – why are we keeping an incompetent staff on board and why can’t we, as subordinates do anything?

I don’t really have a direct answer to that, actually, except to say that this is the ‘reality’ within most corporate organisations. Bad management is everywhere – not to say that I am a good one or will be a good one – and we can’t escape that easily. And unfortunately, these managers exist in the ‘middle’ levels, which makes it more difficult to ‘get rid’ of them. As subordinates, we cannot go against our manager, simply because this is how the system works. We have to support them regardless of what happens and the trick to deal with this is probably just to listen, bitch about it later and do it the way we think is best.

It is also the reality that most organisations in the Asia region is bureaucratic, no matter how globalised you are. Employing the right people may help but as the system wears them thin, no one could be bothered anymore.


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