Life? What life?

OMG… I have been working and working non-stop. And in between, dash off to some travels, report writing, budget planning, agents visiting and how could I not forget – assignments. Thank goodness this is going to be my last elective. And after this – right after I hand this assignment in – I move on to my new job. Busier, I suppose, but luckily all I have left for my MBA would be the thesis. I guess without much need to memorise for exams will be easier. I remember telling my new boss – all I need is just a laptop and internet connection. Well, I certainly hope so!

These days, it seems that I come home just to eat and sleep. No time to even read the newspapers nor watch TV. No time to clean my room nor pay my bills (opppsss… bills!) It’s getting kinda ridiculous that I pay almost RM1k for the mortgage every month and all I do in the house is eat and sleep. Sometimes, I don’t even eat!

Gosh. Can I have my life back please? Is this going to be worse?

I think I’ll go for another massage one day before I leave Monash


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