I didn’t really want to watch Sanctum, mainly because I sorta guessed how the storyline will go. Few people trapped in a disaster (in this case, an underwater cave). The bad guys die first, the good guys struggle to look for an exit. The hero and heroine fight to stay alive, promises they’ll date/marry each other if they get out alive. One of the good guys sacrifices for others, leaving just three or four persons getting out alive.

Okay, after watching the movie, my guesses were almost 50% right.

Sanctum tells the story of a group of underwater cave explorers. To me, anything underwater is no good news. I can’t swim, simply because I panic when I go underwater. Thus, throughout the movie, when the ‘trapped group’ went underwater, I found myself holding on to my breath as well. There were those obligatory jolting and cringing instances where people drown horribly, get hurt and drown, badly decayed corpses resurface and cutting of bodily parts to save oneself. Other than these nail biting moments, most of it were a lil bit boring and predictable.

Back to the cave explorers. A group were trapped after a fierce storm on the surface forced them back into the cave. Looking to find a way out, all but one member died. Thus, I was half right, since there was no heroine for our sole survivor to date or marry. Overall, I would say that this movie was just so-so, quite predictable and nothing too spectacular about the plot.

Perhaps it was just because I never wanted to watch it in the first place or it wasn’t something I look forward to, but if you are the type who like movies like this, you may just find it interesting.



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