Little Fockers

Honestly speaking, with its title, I thought I was going to get more action from the children instead of adults. However, I was in for a disappointment because the adults had more screen time than the kids. But then again, it is not a bad movie, afterall. Funny, entertaining, and most importantly, family oriented. It is one of those movies where you’ll find people bickering and hating each other, but at the end of the day, everyone lives happily ever after.

The central theme revolves around dealing with your demanding in-laws who think that you are never good enough for their son/daughter and at the same time feeling a bit self-conscious when your kids adore another man whole lot better than yourself. Throw in an ex-boyfriend of the wife who still loves her, and the father-in-law who encourages the daughter to dump her husband, Ben Stiller seemed to be facing a crisis no man wishes to face. But then again, he wonders if he is that bad of a loser when a young, hot pharma company sales rep, Jessica Alba starts flirting with him. Hilarity follows when father-in-law discovers some erectile dysfunction drugs in Ben’s possession and suspects him of having an affair.

This wasn’t good news as the husband of his second daughter was just caught cheating on her, resulting in their divorce. Left with no choice, father-in-law makes the decision to ‘hand over’ the new role as the head of the family to Ben. Trying to live up to becoming the ultimate ‘Godfocker’ was not easy. However, as he soon learns, trying to become someone you are not isn’t going to impress anyone and obviously, you are definitely not going to be successful in doing so.

Ben Stiller is a natural in comedies. If you are looking for something light-hearted, Little Fockers will satisfy that need.


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