The Peninsula, Chittagong

Lol. I added in this picture because I thought its funny. We flew from Dhaka to Chittagong in this propeller and right before we board, I saw this printed on the plane – Fly Your Own Airline.

Moving from Dhaka, we landed in Chittagong late one night, after an ‘Amazing Race’ run. Most domestic flights within Bangladesh are unreliable and it is not advisable to take either the bus or train as well. So, after being extremely tired, we checked in to the Peninsula Hotel:

First impression: very old hotel in an old part of town. The lifts are very very small, fitting only two persons at a time! The same goes for the reception, which is even smaller. Check-in was slow, but maybe because there was a huge group of us. However, after a long flight delay at the airport and a tiring flight, the last thing you want to do is wait at the reception.

The Peninsula in Chittagong is a small little hotel wedged between rows of nondescript shops in the city. In the morning, right after I woke up and stared out to the window, I saw that there are many eateries located just opposite the hotel, one of which is Pizza Hut.

The hotel is very old school, with wooden floorboards. The bed is of course, not as comfy as the one in Sheraton but it’ll do. The mattress and pillows are a bit flat and soft, probably due to the wear and tear. Anyway, the room is clean, and that is usually my first concern.

Their work desk is a bit too small and since the chair accompanying it doesn’t have wheels, I have to pull it everytimne I wanna sit down or get up. Not too good for the floorboards, if you ask me. Internet connection is available only for a fee, and I did bot get it since I had an event the whole of next day and I won’t really need it.

In the exhibition hall, however, when we requested for wifi, the connection was very bad – not worth what being paid for.



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