The Sheraton, Dhaka

Yes, Sheraton in Bangladesh! Well, I went to Dhaka on a business trip in back in October 2011 (Yes, this is a very, very outdated post) and since its Dhaka, we got to stay in a 5-star hotel. But please, don’t even try to imagine an ultra comfy and luxurious room. In Bangladesh, their 5-star hotel, is very much similar to our 3-star. Let’s see:


The bed was comfortable, clean and free of smell, which I am thankful of. I didn’t really expect much and I was happy to see that I will get to lie on this comfortable bed when I need to spend more than 3 days here. The room itself is quite spacious, not too cramped and not too large either. The size is just right for me. When you stay in hotel rooms, its sometimes too creepy if your room is too large. So, no suites for me!


As you can see, the sitting ared and the TV is quite small, which I am not really bothered about. I don’t spend a lot of time in the room (business  trip, remember?). TV channel selection is not too bad – they have most of the Astro channels we have here at home (like AXN) but what was shown is tailored to the region. Other channels include those mainly from neighbouring India.


Of course after the bed, the next thing you’d usually check out in your hotel room is the toilet (washroom, bathroom, loo, whatever). Thankkfully, again, the toilets were clean and spotless, with no broken toilet seats nor chipped tiles. Phew! Toiletries are adequate and they do replenish them often enough. Their toilet was a bit small, though, as you can see, the ‘bowl’ is attached to the wash basin. You’d practically need to close the toilet door first before you do your business. Either that or you have your door open.

Service wise, the staff there are pretty friendly. I did order some room service and they were served quite quickly, usually within 1/2 hour or so. Food portions are huge (this will come in the next post) and they do not cost as much as what you’d pay in KL hotels.

Internet is not included in the room and you’ll need to pay for it. I did request for one but over the 3 days I stayed there, they charged me only for one day (hehehe). Breakfast was good. There are a lot of selections but be prepared to see the same items every day. You do not get much if you go for the Western selection – the usual toast, cereals and baked beans – but the local selection saw some roti prata and curry. Of course, if all fails, go for the vegetarian section!

Well, I am definitely returning, of course. Don’t have much choices around Dhaka, right. Perhaps I could try the Pan Pacific next time which is just down the road.


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