Tron: Legacy

I am not a huge fan of sci-fi movies but at the insistence of a colleague and impressive trailer, I went ahead to watch this. It was not a disappointment, of course, and much better than I expected it to be.

Tron: Legacy was supposed to be a spin-off from the first movie, Tron, produced back in 1982. It took them almost 20 years later to come up with this sequel. I am not sure why it is titled Tron, however, as the movie made no reference to the original ‘Tron’ with the exception of a few minutes of it.

Sam’s father, Kevin, disappeared years ago and growing up, he yearned to see his father again. Unlocking the ‘arcade’ that Kevin used to own, he inadvertently discovered a hidden office, where daddy used to work, beneath the arcade. Fiddling with the computer programmes, he was transferred into the virtual reality world – the gaming world his father created, called ‘The Grid’.

And it is in The Grid that we are presented with excellent CGIs. I must admit that the glowing, tight suits, the Light-Cycle battle scenes, the de-rezzing and transportations the ‘individuals’ used within the programme are highly impressive.

Sam surprisingly met Kevin again within this world where he was told that Clu – a programme created by Kevin – had betrayed him, seizing control over the Grid and was planning to transport himself into the real world. And as with all other good movies, Sam proceeded to fight Clu, hoping that he could bring dad back to the real world. With the assistance of Quorra, a pretty programme who had stayed by Kevin’s side all these years, the battle began.

Alas, Sam managed to defeat the bad guys, barely make it in time to reach the portal where he is transported back into the real world. Sam’s father sacrificed himself trying to hold Clu back, destroying both himself and Clu. A happily-ever-after scene closed in on Quorra riding on Sam’s bike, watching the sun rise for the first time.


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