Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

This much anticipated movie of The Chosen One finally arrived and I got to catch it one day on a public holiday. The movie was of course good, since I am a HP fan. Well, at least he is much, much better than Bella and her vampire-BF Edward, anyway.

The shows starts off with the others helping Harry to escape and the whole saga ends up with some painful deaths – including Hedwig!. Harry, who is still very much in grief with Dumbledore’s death, felt even more dejected when the others died because of him. Determined to seek revenge (ok, not exactly revenge perhaps, but to destroy Voldemort) he set out to find the Hocruxes that would ultimately lead to the fall of Voldemort.

His two best friends aka sidekick followed as well and following which are numerous fight, emotional, flashback and touching scenes. They are too many to be detailed here but they are certainly worth watching although not as good as the book. The trio also learnt about the Deathly Hallows items


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