My 2-cents on the tower


The talk-of-the-KL-town now is the mega tower. Which some bright fella who doesn’t know how to spend public money came up with.

Which supposedly symbolises Malaysia’s grandeur and development.

And which more than two hundred thousand Malaysians disapproves of. Of course, the number is indeed larger since this number only involves those who joins the page in Facebook.

I just couldn’t understand why people don’t use their brains. Come on, every single Malaysian who works deals with budgets and money all the time. While not every one is good with managing money, the ones who are making economic decisions are expected to be wise.

This mega tower decision seems to me as something which was dreamed up overnight: ‘Ah, a mega tower it is!’

Just how many projects have we carried out which is a waste of public funds? Can’t these ‘bright’ people see that there are many more beneficial things that needed us to plough money into?

Like, improving the public transportation. Or, building better roads or amenities. Helping the poor. Improving our education system, improving the facilities in our schools. Paying our public servants (or police) better so that they are more committed to their jobs and not take bribes.

Why would those we entrusted to run the country turn out to be such foolish men?


It is not as if the mega tower would make a huge difference to the country. Still, the regular Malaysians need to go to work – perhaps the only difference is that the traffic surrounding the tower would be worse. Life goes on whether the tower is there or not.

We have too many white elephants, too many failed ‘Boleh’ projects, so, please, please don’t make a fool out of ourselves and jump into another one.

Malaysians have said no and for once, listen to us!


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