Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant

We had a visitor from the Australia doing some consultancy work in our office and when it is time for him to say goodbye, we thought of getting him dinner. Too lazy to venture too far away from the office, we settled on Zhia’s Kitchen Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.

I don’t frequent Sunway Pyramid too often and thus, am not aware that this restaurant actually exists. It serves good Chinese food and its non-halal. The common stuff that everyone else ordered was their barbequed meat rice sets and noodles. However, they also have items where you can order to be shared. My colleagues and I decided to order a few dishes to be shared.

Corporate decision making underway
To be healthy and fair to everyone, we ordered a balanced meal where vegetables, meat, fish and soup were included. Of course, this includes also rice for every one.

Oyster sauce kai lan

Roasted and barbequed pork
Roasted chicken
Sweet and sour fish
Lotus root soup
Old cucumber soup
Tucking in
The food there overall was not too bad and the bill, although paid by the boss, wasn’t too much of a damage either. The vegetables were cooked nicely and unlike some, tasted fresh and crunchy. There wasn’t any bitter taste to is as well. I am also quite happy with their roasted pork. Most places which served them do not how to cook them properly. This one has a good balance of fat and lean meat (yums) and was err, ‘roasted’ to perfection. There isn’t a porky smell to it as well which I absolutely hate. 
Meanwhile, their BBQ pork was only so-so. They are a bit dry and didn’t have the sticky caramel that gives most BBQ pork their kick. Could have done better! Other than that, the fish and chicken was nothing to shout about either. Probably because I am so used to eating kampung chicken and goes to places which serves good chicken rice, when I eat ‘normal’ chicken, they usually fail to satisfy me. Heh.
Anyway, a decent place to go to if you crave something normal and Chinese. Good enough for business lunches and dinner, too, but if you wanted something similar but better, your regular coffeeshop or roadside shop probably has better chicken/roast pork rice.

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