Lucky us

It is really true when people say that you won’t appreciate what you have unless you have seen others who are so much more unfortunate than us. One visit to India and another to Bangladesh has reaffirmed my thoughts.

Of course, human nature tends to compare ourselves with the more fortunate but there are always those who are better off. So, when do we draw the line? When enough is really enough? The answer, most probably, is never.

However, when one learns to look at others who are more unfortunate, a whole new perspective appears. We learn to appreciate what we have and see how lucky we are. That is, us, Malaysians.

Yeah. We are underpaid. But at least we have jobs and a roof over our head.

Our kids may not get the best education or the newest iPhone or Nintendo Wii. But at least they don’t need to walk between heavy traffic, naked, pressing their noses onto car windows, begging for money.

Traffic is bad, yes, but at least drivers are still curteous, and somehow don’t drive like maniacs on the street, honking and squeezing past huge cars and lorries.

Yes, some of us may send our aged parents to an old folks’ home but at least they don’t need to go barefoot with torn clothings walking around aimlessly holding out their hands to passerbys for some spare change.

And while we dine, there are many out there who barely had enough to eat.

Or while we complain about our public transportation, there are those out there who had to endure worse.

We are so, so lucky.


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