Wow. This gotta be one of the coolest, most awesome and thought-provoking movie I have watched for a long, long time. I went for this with my colleagues after work one day and managed to get home very, very late. However, no regrets! I don’t usually like sci-fi stuff but this one really got me mesmerised throughout. 
Inception is a movie based on the vulnerability of the human mind and its state while we are dreaming.  It explores the fact (or fiction?) that the human mind is easily altered and influenced while deep secrets stolen within its depths. There seemed to be a group of trained experts who could do so living among us and we wouldn’t really know if they had entered our dream just to extract some of our memories.
Leonardo did a fantastic job in being the leader of these group of experts, whilst drowning in guilt for causing the death of his wife some years ago. He was also a fugitive, on the run and unable to return to his own country. Plagued by dreams of himself finally returning home and seeing his kids, he took up an almost impossible offer from a corporate tycoon, Ken Watanabe. What he and his team needed to do was to plant an idea (instead of extracting information) into the conscience of a business rival.
What the team doesn’t know was that this business rival was also trained in resisting extraction (or inception?). So, what happens subsequently was the team entering layers and layers of dreams, each being more dangerous and risky. Waking one up requires perfect synchronisation and dying in a dream isn’t a choice either.
Perfect score for a movie if not for the darned van which took forever to hit the waters!

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