Are we all selfish?

No. I don’t believe that we are all selfish.

Yes, there are people in this world who would think twice about helping others without getting some benefit but there are also those who will extend their help without expecting anything in return.

And I also believe that good deeds should be passed around. Regardless of nationality or race. Shouldn’t this be in-built in us already since we are born in this multi-racial country?

I was at a course presentation in Penang mid-year and came across a couple (parents of a prospective student) who are highly annoying. They were asking a lot of irrelevant questions and I felt the father was rather enjoying himself seeing me and my colleague stumble instead of being truly interested in the course itself.

First of all, what’s our lecturers’ pay gotta do with you? And what does our pricing strategy gotta do with you? These are highly confidential information and of course, as a representative of any organisation, revealing such information is not possible, even if I know the answers. Quality of the course is guaranteed by our reputation and if you think otherwise, then do go on somewhere. Sorry to be that blunt, but you are the consumer, you have your rights.

What really ticked me off was how he questioned us about the clinical training we provide to our students. Of course, clinical trainings are carried out in public hospitals. Students get to learn from doctors and attend to patients from all walks of life. Reality unfolds in a public hospital.

Mother kept saying that doctors in public hospitals are predominantly Malay. Father told her not to involve race in our discussions but kept questioning if we paid these doctors anything to teach our students. Okay, I am not really sure but me thinks these doctors are not paid EXTRA to have clinical students learn from them.

So, father again wonders why these doctors would willingly teach students if they are not paid EXTRA. And he thinks that they should be and if they are not, then they wouldn’t be willing to impart their full knowledge at all.

His believe, then implies that all teaching hospitals in M’sia are crap because the doctors won’t teach and students can’t learn. And he kept going on and on about this point, wondering how much his son would learn.

My thoughts?

1) Not everyone is selfish. Many, though not all, are willing to impart knowledge without asking for anything extra. Like the classmate who shares his notes or the colleague who tells you how to go about doing stuff.

2) This is Malaysia. Regardless of race, we teach and coach each other. Sports trainers coaches athletes from different races and they all win for the country

3) Clinical students could perhaps learn by observing. No need to be taught. Would a doctor risk the life of a patient just because he doesn’t want a student standing beside him to learn everything he knows? So, observe and learn from there

4) Being a doctor is not being selfish in the first place. If you are a good doctor to begin with, you teach and help others.

Anyway, the main point of this post is to stress that there are people who does things without expecting anything in return. And, if everyone thinks like the parents (that all people are selfish) this world will become a much, much colder place to live in.

Of course, not everyone is an angel, but I strongly believe that they do exist. And I am glad to have many of these angels in my life.


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