Are the tough times over?

Finally, my very last exams are over. From now on, it’d be just assignments for me to complete, which is a huge, huge relief. I never did have the chance to update this until now, when the dreaded day had ended more than a week ago. My only worry now is completing the major dissertation.

I had been feeling very, very tired weeks leading up to the exam. A colleague commented that I may be just mentally tired instead of the ‘real tired’ – if you know what I mean. And now, looking back, I think it’s somehow true because I don’t feel as bad nowadays. A bit stress free and I can concentrate more on my life.


Yeah, seems bland lately. I don’t blog, write or read as frequently anymore. I wish I could do more but these are merely luxuries that are to be enjoyed perhaps only after getting that MBA. I also need to go out more, keep in touch with friends more. All I do over the weekends are catch up on my studies. Pathetic.

Anyway, since the exam is out of the way and I am taking a short break, I did manage to enjoy myself a bit by going for two makans two weeks in a row with some of my favouritest colleagues and kids!

It felt like old times and thank goodness I still could understand what they were talking about. That means, I am still very much attached to BC and its people. Well, slowly though, I foresee that I will understand head nor tail what and who they are talking about. If that time comes, perhaps what I will do is talk to them instead:

Haha. How could I not love them? As long as they are not mine and I can give them back to their mothers when they start crying, I welcome them every day and night!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. When I arrived the other day, I sorta heard one of them calling me Aunty J – although it was just a incoherent mumble, I am very sure I heard it and she was trying to call me Aunty Jenn after her brother. A huge, huge achievement for a special girl which I am very proud of!

Catching up also led me to a lot of news. Like how bad things have turned for the worse and how unappreciative management has become. I don’t know why these news didn’t surprise me anymore, nor do I have the strength to argue. Getting out of my comfort zone made me learn a lot of stuff (which will be the subject of a subsequent post!) and I am just taking life one day at a time now.

When life get demotivating, I just need to remind myself that there are a lot of positives around and I am one lucky soul compared to many others – family, friends and colleagues.

And, with these, tough times can be made better somehow.


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