I passed by this quaint, new eatery on the row of shops where the Ampang Waterfront is often enough but never thought it was actually an up-coming franchise! Googling its name, B-Station returned quite a number of results, mostly reviews by fellow bloggers.
Its speciality are hotdogs and coffee, but they do serve good, traditional, Korean food as well. I love Korean food, so, I decided to give them a try. Their interior was tastefully decorated, so much that I felt a bit out of place, since I was just in my shirt and shorts.

B-Station boasts an extensive Korean food menu (Bimbibap, Kimchi Noodles, Bulgogi, etc). I felt hungry, so, I ordered their Chicken Teriyaki set which costs around RM11.90, I think. And my, the portions are sure huge!

I did ask prior to ordering if the set came with kimchi as appetisers and the owner told me that there’d be 3 types! I didn’t realise then that there’d be so much food:

There was a bowl of seaweed soup, kimchi, pickled white radish, sweetened fried anchovies and potatoes. The portions, although served in little bowls, are more than enough for me, considering the fact that I still had rice and the chicken to polish off. The only ones that I finished were the soup and kimchi. I do like the pickled radish and anchovies as well but not the potatoes.

The rice and chicken was nothing to different from what you’d get from a regular Teppanyaki joint. The chicken strips were just stir-fried with some carrot, bean sprouts and vermicelli julienne. Tasted alright, though but I’d like it more if they had removed the chicken skins that were thrown in together.

Definitely will return to try out their Western dishes and probably bring mom to check out their Korean dishes. For a lunch/dinner set at RM11.90, it is worth the price, considering the huge portions.


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