It's been a while

Yes, I know that it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. No good – cos that means I am super busy at work and with my studies, too. My exams is coming real soon in August and gosh, I am not even sure if I’m prepared enough to face the paper.

Got to know from our Facebook group that some passed and some failed Corporate Finance, which got me really worried. I had more confidence when I was attempting Accounting last year and thank goodness I managed to score a credit. A distinction would’ve been good cos I aced all my assignments with a distinction. *beams proudly*

Fingers crossed I’d pass. Else, I can’t imagine going through another 3 months studying again and again memorising those darned formulaes. I forget about what I have studied almost as soon as the paper is over. Sigh.

Work is getting on well. Just got confirmed yesterday. There was no hesitation when I signed the letter, which was good cos that means – deep inside – I am coping well. However, I do wonder sometimes – what am I after? Perhaps life would be more meaningful if I’ve done something different – like work for an NGO or something like that. Or maybe travel the world, helping those in need rather than sitting here talking to people with a lot of money but knows no respect. But then again, there are commitments to think about.

I have also been travelling like mad. Something I would not imagine myself doing if I’m still with BC. Got myself a GPS to bring me around and although it didn’t really work well sometimes, it’s good enough for me. Fingers crossed nothing major will crop up until my exams are over.

How nice if I can just leave everything and retreat to a small town. Heh… not sure if I would even survive there.

Met my ex-colleagues recently at a wedding:

Chatting with them again brought back a lot of memories and of course, we did catch up on some gossips. However, things didn’t really feel the same anymore. Perhaps its a good sign. Perhaps this is a sign that I am blending in well with my new colleagues (finally!)

It was a shame, though, that I did not get to see my Unicorn Club members. Wonder when I could see them! When, ladies?

Also heard some bits of unpleasant news from one ex-colleague, which now made me feel glad that I’m out of there. I guess there isn’t really an ideal organisation one can work at nowadays. Everywhere is the same. As long as you are here, the Asian culture takes over everything.

Well, at least I have a job. At least I have colleagues whom I can get along with. Although our management makes us puke blood sometimes, at least we know we can survive with each other.

And I feel glad.


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