Manhattan Fish Market

MFM is one of my favourite restaurants when I dine alone and I realised that I have never done any reviews on their menu. I usually order their baked fish with herbs but the last time I went there, I was craving for some carbs and had their pasta instead. Will remember to update on my favourite when I go there next time.

I ordered their Creamy Seafood Pasta, which comprises of fettucinne with fish fillets and squids tossed in garlic butter sauce. It is indeed quite ‘heavy’, I would say. The pasta was alright, nothing too special. However, what I didn’t really like was the large pieces of calamari.

I was under the impression that their ‘squids’ were included in their garlic butter sauce (like their fish fillets) and not deep fried. I don’t particularly like calamari since the batter covering the squid rings is usually thick.

As for the accompanying garlic bread, I just left them untouched. The whole plate of creamy pasta is enough  carbs for me.

One of my favourite appetiser is their Crispy Whitebait. Basically, I like fish without the bones and this thing they called whitebait is just the perfect munch. Underneath these delightful, crunchy pieces is a bed of coleslaw. Their coleslaw, however, is just normal. I don’t really suggest anyone squeezing the wedge of lemon that came with it on the whitebait, since doing so will sort of make them less crunchy.

MFM is not one of my regular haunts but when I feel like having something better, I will definitely choose this. Itis, in my opinion, a healthier option compared to many of the fast food restaurants available in the country. Will try to remember taking some pictures of their baked fish when I’m there next.


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