Room Eighteen – 2

We went back to Room Eighteen in MV again together with dad. This time, I tried out their wanton noodles as I had planned. Mom had their porridge while dad ordered his favourite roasted duck rice.

The food this round, however, had disappointed us. Although my noodles were springy as how I like it, the taste just doesn’t appeal to me. Honestly, I think the food they serve in Canton-i and Dragon-i is much, much better. The taste of the noodles were quite bland and the pieces of roast chicken accompanying the noodles were tasted just like those you’d get in a regular hawker stall.
I did not really take any pictures of my parents’ food but my dad was complaining that his was not what he expected it to be. But I have to say that he’s really a picky eater and a bargain hunter! The food’s better be good if it costs a lot! Well, guess next time, we should really stick to his two favourite restaurants.
The only thing I liked on my table that day was the dessert I ordered – peanut butter cream – or whatever you call it. The cream was smooth and didn’t taste like it’s made out of stale peanuts. I have come across some which tasted stale, you know, like those peanuts you’ve left uneaten for a long time.
Anyway, I don’t think we’d come back here again. Tai Thong Restaurants (Room 18 is under the TT Resources Group) seriously do need to re-look at the quality of food they are serving.

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