Chakri Palace, KLCC

I love Thai Food, yes, I do, especially their spicy and sourish tom yam. So, when I was in KLCC one day with my brother and didn’t know what to eat, we ended up in Chakri Palace. It was lunch time and everywhere else was obviously packed with people. Nestled on the 4th floor where other ‘pricier’ restaurants are, this is one of those where we can actually find a seat.

The place looked up-market, and of course, food isn’t exactly cheap. It is not a place that you can go for a meal every day, so, I guess it should only be reserved to days when the moon is blue. Staff were attentive and friendly, decked in traditional Thai garbs. Well, for the amount you are paying, I think service should be good.

Every time I go for Thai food, I will choose the fragrant coconut as my drink. It somehow is a healthier option in my opinion compared to carbonated drinks. I hate plain water, so, that’s out of the question. Another reason is that I found coconut juice kinda neutralises the spiciness in their food. No matter how spicy the food is, a sip of coconut juice will make it better. Don’t believe? Try it next time!

Well, when you have Thai food, you’d definitely go for tom yam soup. Chakri Palace gives their patrons the option of a clear or red broth. You can also opt for the level of spiciness for both versions. 
I chose their clear broth and did not request for reduced spiciness. The bowl that was served to me tasted more sourish than spicy, actually. The seafood swimming in the soup was good – a fair amount of squids, prawns, chicken meat and mushrooms.
I ordered their set menu, which include an appetiser, rice, green chicken curry and two pieces of prawn fritters. There are other set menus but most had beef in it, so, I chose this.
Green chicken curry
Mango kerabu, prawn fritter and rice
Their green curry was something that I didn’t expect to turn out so well. It was heavenly creamy (with cholesterol-laden coconut milk, no less) and whoa, a spicy kick that I definitely will go back for. It has a generous amount of chicken, carrots and aubergine – so, if you are a light eater, share this with someone. This’ll let you order some other stuff from their menu as well!
Brother ordered something non-Thai, so, I didn’t really bother taking photos. So unadventurous! 
Chakri Palace is the only up-market Thai restaurant that I have been to, so, I can’t really make a comparison. I heard that Sri Ayutthaya is good, too, but never had the chance to eat there. But for the time being, this is good enough for me and perhaps I could convince mom and dad to try them one day!

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