Sunway Hotel, Penang

Instead of staying at the usual G Hotel in Penang, this time, I bunked in at Sunway Hotel. Room rates were very cheap, but it was probably because we were booked under Sunway Group’s staff.

Check-in was swift, there was one 24-hr free wifi provided and staff were courteous. However, when I quizzed one on the login procedures for my free wifi, she could not answer my simple question. There was also a welcome drink served at the coffee house but instead of an elaborate mocktail with a small umbrella, it was just mango cordial (yes, tasted like cordial). Yes, I am disappointed.

Compared to other Penang hotels, their rooms are small. Although the bed was not too bad, I didn’t quite like the pillows that came with it. They seem to be too soft and flat and no amount of hitting could make them fluffy enough for me. Perhaps they should consider changing the pillows to new ones.

I think I was placed on their club floor, since breakfast was served in a lounge rather than the coffee house on the ground floor. The selection of food was the usual – baked beans, toast, juice, coffee, etc. Nothing extraordinary. However, if you have time, I suggest that you visit the hawker stalls just right next to the hotel. They probably serve better breakfast. 

Their writing table and tv are small as well. It wasn’t enough for me to work and eat on the table at the same time. There also wasn’t much writing stationeries provided. The furniture looked and felt cheap – reminds me of the ones in MS Garden Kuantan.

Their seating area was nothing to shout about, and if this is really the club floor, I would say their room quality is not that great.

The only positive thing about this hotel was their location. It is smack right in the middle of town, nestled between glorious food. Alas, I could not really eat at the hawker stalls since my company needed us to provide receipts for our meals.

What I had to have, then was to order from their room service. Fried rice with tomyam soup. It tasted better than what I had ordered from MS Garden, but of course, less appetising than those served at the hawkers downstairs.


Overall, this is just a regular hotel – for budget conscious travellers to spend the night, perhaps.


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