MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan

A business trip brought me to Kuantan town, somewhere I knew existed but never had the chance to stay overnight. Since I had an event in MS Garden Hotel, I stayed there as well. I arrived quite late in the evening and although it was just a short flight, I was tired.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I was impressed. It was better than I had expected – at least for a small hotel in Kuantan. However, service was almost non-existence as I had to lug my own luggage (up the stairs no least) to the check-in counter. The process took quite a bit, although there was no one around, except for one who was complaining that some of the toiletries in his room were not replenished.

But thank goodness, free wifi were included in my room rate cos I simply can’t imagine what I should do all night without any company.

The room was not too bad. However, it may just be due to the lower expectations I had for a hotel in Kuantan. The mattress, thankfully, isn’t smelly or musty or worn.

The room was quite large, and comes with the usual couch and TV set. Nothing too spectacular about them and no nice channels on TV as well. But I guess if you are a business traveller, you wouldn’t really mind what’s not on the TV.
The writing table was a bit small, cos I attempted to eat my dinner and catch up on facebook work on my laptop and there isn’t very much space. 
Talking about dinner, that night was the first time I ever ordered room service. I don’t really believe in paying extra for food delivered to hotel rooms but since (i) I had money to spend and (ii) I am alone, I thought why not. I was famished by then and ordered a ‘lil bit too much!
Fried chicken wings – not nice at all! The batter was too thick and it has this curry marinade taste which I don’t think goes well with wings. 
Their fried rice was okay and I think I should’ve ordered just the rice and the orange juice. The crackers that came with the rice was a bit stale. Can’t really remember how much it costed, but it wasn’t exactly cheap and definitely not worth the price. If I had not needed to finish my allowance, I wouldn’t have bothered.
Breakfast is included in my room rate and it was nothing too special either. Usual stuff include porridge, nasi lemak, toast, baked beans, etc. The only thing that I loved about their breakfast is the fact that they serve nescafe tarik. I practically sat myself next to the dispenser for two whole mornings! Haha…
My event was supposed to run the whole day the very next day and since there were no walk-ins, I had to stay in the designated meeting room. Ordered dimsum lunch from a Chinese Restaurant within the Hotel and surprisingly, it didn’t taste that bad, considering these are halal.
Anyway, I think MS Garden isn’t too bad for someone who would just want a bed for the night. However, if you are on holiday and is thinking of a comfortable, luxurious room, this may not be the one to choose. 

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