How To Train Your Dragon?

Again, I had nothing to do while travelling on business and thus decided to catch a movie. Reviews in newspapers gave this a good rating, so, popcorn in hand, I decided to watch this while in Kuantan.
The story revolves around, Hiccup, a descendent of a Viking tribe which tradition was to fight dragons. Hiccup’s father was incidentally the Viking Chief and had high expectations (or rather, lack of it) for his only son. Different from the rest, Hiccup’s built in the first place was a disadvantage and everyone, including his own father, doubted his ability to slay a dragon.
Determined to prove everyone wrong, Hiccup set out to kill one and subsquently hurting a Night Fury, one of the most feared dragons in the tribe. Of course, no one believed him when he bragged about it. As fate would have it, he stumbled upon a badly injured Night Fury. Unable to kill the dragon, Hiccup instead became its friend.
To cut long story short, Hiccup was then torn between his friendship with Toothless, the Night Fury and his Viking responsibility. He soon learnt that everything they think of the dragons were wrong. Of course, like all good animated movies should, a happy ending ensued.
At first, I didn’t really like the look of Toothless since he was just this nondescript, black thing. However, as he slowly befriended Hiccup, he showed some really adorable expression, and sadly, it reminded me of Oscar. T.T
Well, not bad, actually – but I still liked Up better!

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