Okay. I watched this ages ago but didn’t really get a chance to blog about it. I didn’t choose to watch the one in 3D, cos its freaking expensive and no, I didn’t watch it more than once either.

I don’t usually like watching sci-fi movies – didn’t even watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, X-Men, and the list goes on. However, a cousin of mine requested me to go with him and since I haven’t been watching movies for quite some time, I agreed.

And my, I didn’t regret my decision.

The movie was lengthy. And the effects were breathtaking. I wondered how it would be like watching it in 3D. Perhaps the experience would be a whole lot better.

The movie starts with how Jake Sully was roped in to replace his dead twin brother in an experiment-cum-mission to mine some mineral which name I have forgotten by now. The mineral sits on Pandora, a land inhibited by Na’vi and undisturbed by nature. This ‘undisturbed’ is where the beauty comes in.

To cut long story short, Jake befriended the Na’vis, started to live like one of them and even fell in love with a female Na’vi, Neytiri. He slowly gained the trust of the people and this is when his dilemma starts.

Torn between his loyalty to the Na’vi and humankind itself, he was forced to make a choice. On one hand, he was offered something he cannot resist by the humans – a chance to walk again. On the other, he had started to appreciate the life of the Na’vis, as well as the nature they are trying so hard to protect. Obviously, there is his girl as well.

It is overall a very good movie with an excellent storyline. I would say that it did left me pondering what we humans are doing to Mother Nature and how selfish we can be in destroying others to our own benefit.


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