Imperial International Hotel – KK

I went to KK on another business trip a week ago and this time, instead of the luxurious Le Meridien, I stayed at the Imperial International Hotel. I have passed by this hotel a few times while walking over from Le Meridien to Centrepoint and the lobby didn’t exactly appeal to me.

However, to give credit where it is due, their rooms are, to my surprise, comfortable and decent enough.

It’s layout reminds me of the G Hotel in Penang. It is spacious but not too large to the extend that you’d feel ’empty’. The bed was comfy enough and thankfully, does not smell like the one in Holiday Inn in Kuching. Sheets are pristine and clean.

I initially thought I won’t be able to sleep at all, as usual, but I did, although not as good as when I am at home.

Their bathroom is clean as well, which is good for me. I hate dingy bathrooms. You won’t spot any rust anywhere and it looks as if they’ve done some refurbishment recently. It is stocked with the usual toiletries and thank goodness, the shower has good hot water! They have a small, handheld shower head and another huge ass rainfall shower head mounted above.

I was pretty excited with the rainfall showerhead but even after 4 nights, I still could not figure out how it works. Heh.

I guess what I love most about this hotel is the lazy chair. The only thing that wowed me when I walked into the room. It was kinda fun sitting on it while watching TV. Tried to read, though, but can’t hold the book up long enough without tiring my arms. I guess this is only good while watching TV.

My only complain is that the TV box can’t be turned to face this beautiful chair.

Their writing table is a bit small compared to other hotels, so, if you are a business traveller looking for a good hotel where you can work from, this may not be so suitable. I tried to study from this table and found it to be too small.

My other grumbles:
  • Breakfast sucks big time. If possible, have it somewhere else. There are a good number of coffeeshops near the hotel you can choose to go for breakfast. Otherwise, Starbucks and San Francisco Coffee is available
  • Room service menu isn’t appealing. Very, very few choices available
  • The mini-bar is empty! Well, I don’t usually take anything from the mini bar, but still! Thank goodness coffee is available
  • No gym or spa. Dang! With all the free time I had!
Well, it is a worthy accommodation despite these grumbles – if you are just looking for a basic room and board. Le Meridien is quite pricey and Imperial is an alternative.

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