Life is…

… treating me well but change is hard. Does a person’s ability to adapt to change deteriorates with age? Hmmm.. Yes, I haven’t really been updating this and maybe I should. Do the ones I know who read this still read this? Drop me a comment, please! I know you are busy with your kids (and one which is coming out real soon)!

But then again, I’m very afraid of saying anything related to work here cos it’s pretty much sensitive and obviously, I don’t hope that it will go viral!


I have not mentioned it here and perhaps I really should cos maybe when I read this again some time down the road, I would just laugh it off and say, ‘I’m okay now and I’ve never been better!’


I’ve been getting too comfortable in my last job and sought for a change (or so I want to think so). It’s high time actually and I didn’t want to end up doing the same thing everyday for the rest of my working life. I loved my job, my colleagues, the environment, the goss and obviously, the ‘knowledge’ I had gained over the years working with my last company.

I was doing some reading on the ‘power of knowledge’ – not the general knowledge kind – but the ‘authority’ a person can have in an organisation when he/she seems to know everything. This power and/or authority is what shapes human behaviour in an organisation. And so…

OK. Nevermind that.

So, I did have quite a lot of ‘knowledge power’ in my last organisation. But when I moved over, it was different. Very different. Literally moved from a place where I knew everything to one where I knew nothing. I felt stupid everyday when I go to work. Heh.

I know its normal and of course I shouldn’t know everything here cos its a new company but then it can’t be helped. My new colleagues are of course helpful but many are busy with whatever they are doing. I feel bad asking them so many questions sometimes.

Gosh, that was when I start missing my ex-colleagues. Sob, sob…

I missed the laughter, the arguments, the goss, the teasing, their antics. I missed walking around the office, me goofing around, ‘kacau-ing’ other colleagues from other departments, getting news about so and so. I even missed the ding-dong sound of the QMS!

Yes. It’s crazy.

Funny thing is, it’s not like life is bad here. Of course, each organisation would have their bad and good points. Plus, I already know that things can get very tough over here before I even attended the interview. (Got comments from some contacts). Colleagues are, thankfully, nice people.

But then again, I foresee a very good opportunity, somewhere I can learn something different. Different challenges. I wanna know whether I can really make it outside my ex-company where I was so comfortable. While my performance was good in my ex-company, I didn’t really know whether I did well because of my helpful colleagues or was I really good in doing things. (Yes, insecurities!)

So, determined me wanna leave and explore the bad, bad world outside.


People say that this is transitional, and I really hope so.


One comment on “Life is…

  1. angie says:

    Don’t wory Jenn! I still do read your blog. Indeed it is transitional… will take time for you to get over people like us..hehe! but worry not, in time, you will get over it….. why don’t you take some time off or something ( if you can) and come visit us lah…we would love to see you.

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