My Sister's Keeper

I wasn’t too positive about watching this after the disappointment I had with P.S. I Love You. I read this tear jerker by Jodi Picoult before and loved it to bits, except perhaps, for the ending, though. However, I wasn’t disappointed. I have never cried so much in one single movie. If you want to watch this, be sure you have a whole box of tissues with you.

This is a classic story of family love and a child’s struggle to choose between what she really wants and her love for her ailing sister. Conceived just especially to save her sister, Anna had no choice but to go through various surgeries, donations and transfusions ever since she was born. Fed-up of having to save her sister all the time, she went to a lawyer and sought his help for a ‘medical emancipation’, ie, preventing her family from making her donate her kidney to her sister.

Of course, when mummy got to know, she was furious. She didn’t believe that her youngest, would have the nerve to sue her and see her sister die. Daddy, however, was more understanding and questioned himself on whether they had really treated their younger daughter fairly.

What surprised me was the whole nonchalant way life goes on in the family. Although pending a court case, the girls and their parents could still live under one roof, play, joke around and go to the beach together. It doesn’t seem natural to me when; in some court scenes; mother was questioning her daughter incessantly on why she would want to see her own sister die.

Anyway, the ending of the movie and the book isn’t the same. I wouldn’t reveal it here, in case it would spoil you enjoying the show. Overall, a highly recommended movie, but be prepared to cry buckets.


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