Is something wrong?

I work in an education industry and this morning, when I dragged myself walked into the office, I passed by some writings by posted up by primary school kids on our colourful notice board.

The topic they needed to write about, I guessed, were – I have had… – a lesson on grammar.

Anyway, these kids were supposed to come up with a grand poster boasting their achievements, whatever it was. Most I see were obviously fictional, thus training their creativity at the same time, I suppose.

What interests me was the things these kids claim to have done:

I have visited <insert name of foreign country>

I have met <insert name of celebrity> and took pictures with them/acted in a movie with them

I have bought KLCC and own a boutique there

I have won 8 throphies

I have eaten 100 <insert whatever food> at one time

Although I was impressed initially by the creativity, something struck me as I walked off – Why isn’t there something that they have done which is not about fame and fortune?

Why isn’t there just a small little deed that they have done which contributed to something that we really can be proud of, fictional or not?

Kids’ minds are really pure and I can’t deny that these are truly representations of what they think. But it’s sad that these are the very things that they hoped they have done or even find they can boast of.

Helping an old lady cross the road may not be something that you can boast about in today’s society.

What a shame. Is something wrong? Are we educating our kids the wrong way? Perhaps our parents have been right after all.

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