Well travelled?

Colleagues and I were playing a game during one of our staff lunches when our group was approached by a new staff. We were all, of course, eager to get to know her since we were quite bored of what we already know of each other. We needed to pick out, from three descriptions of herself, something which was true. Well, we’d guessed correctly. 

One point that stood out to me in her piece of paper was the fact that she’d travelled to more than 10 countries. At that instant, I was like “Wow! Lucky girl!” But then again, after a few hours, it suddenly struck me (while I am in the toilet, no less, lol) that I had also visited more than 10 countries!

Well, whaddaya know! Yes!

So, I did a check and here’s the list:

1) Brunei
2) Singapore
3) Hong Kong
4) Macau
5) Shenzhen, China
6) Thailand
7) UK
8) Ireland
9) Italy
10) France
11) Luxemburg
12) Belgium
13) Switzerland

Woo-hoo… 13 countries… okay-la, although there are some like Thailand (which I visited when I was young and can’t really remember anymore) or Luxemburg (which was just a day) and Brunei and Singapore (which are quite regular destinations for M’sians) – they are still another country, right?

Well, I just gotta feed my pride a little bit!


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