Have you…

poop… ever thought of becoming a lump of shit?

No, I’m seious, really!

Recently there is this ad on TV – Wah Lai Toi, to be exact, not sure if it is available on other Astro channels – that depicts this guy dressed in this shit suit. Well, you know, like how someone dresses up in a Mickey suit or a Barney suit?

The¬†commercial starts with this guy in a ‘shit suit’ inside a prison cell screaming for his release. If you are creative enough, you’d have guessed at this point what the commercial is trying to sell. Then slowly, the camera moves away from him and our tv screen is replaced with another guy rubbing his huge belly.

Ahhh…. constipation… hahaha..

Okay, the commercial is for this fiber drink which I don’t remember the name and it ended with this ‘shit’ finally breaking free from the prison cell.

My mom first pointed out the commercial to me and after a few lots, I asked her – if someone were to approach her to ‘star’ in the commercial as the shit, would she take up the offer? And mind you, a talent on commercials can get you good money.

On another note, I was also wondering: this fiber drink company so much money ar? Can go put commercials on Astro some more. A lot of people nowadays must be constipated…


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