Mamma Mia

Well, not the musical, unfortunately, but the Movie. I bought this DVD in Brunei (very cheap) and watched it with a colleague in my hotel room. The only complain that I have is – Pierce Brosnan can’t sing!

Otherwise it was pure enjoyment, except for the errors in the subtitles, which I can’t really complaint, since it’s a ‘cheap’ DVD.
I won’t say anything about the plot here, since I am sure most would know what Mamma Mia is all about. What I would say is that this is highly recommended and it was a shame I didn’t manage to catch the musical.

Meryl Streep was fantastic and I am amazed by her vitality and all singing to her hearts content. Others were not too bad, either, with the exception of Pierce Brosnan. Colin Firth did a good job, too with his guitar and since the 3rd father wasn’t good looking enough, I am not bothered with his name nor his singing.

I think I am going to get its soundtrack – original of course, since I can’t move the catchy songs out of my head. Anyone who wants to borrow the DVD? Although I can’t really guarantee it’ll work. Heh.


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