OK, I got tagged on 9 January by Noriza without me knowing until today when I bothered to read her blog. I needed to list 16 things people may not know about me. Gosh, how can I come up with 16 things? I reckon most who read my blog knew me well already… But anyway, let’s see:

1. I don’t drink water – yes, I hate plain water!
2. I am quite a techie, ie, good in IT stuff, although no expert. Don’t know why I didn’t choose to study IT instead
3. I am a workaholic – well, I just believe that commitment to work is part of my responsibility
4. I love money – haha, although I don’t really think so, one fortune teller says I am
5. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning – I hate cleaning
6. I don’t make my bed (cos I am lazy!)
7. I can’t sleep without the air-con. Even if I’m sick, I will have it switched on and bundle myself up in my comforter
8. I like UK’s cold – cos I hate heat and that’s why I can’t sleep w/o the air-con
9. I used to be so thin my mom thought I was going to die of malnourishment
10. Although I work in customer service, I am not good at striking up a conversation with total strangers
11. I love kids – only when they are not mine
12. I don’t have any sense of direction – I always get lost while driving
13. I like writing – this should be something which everyone knows already
14. I have two sponsored children
15. I still feel nostalgic every time I think of my school (darn that Pavillion!)
16. I always wish that I am a child again – I hate the worries a grown-up must face

There you go. I don’t know who else to tag, so, whoever who happen to read this, please tag yourself and then link your post back here so I know I tagged someone successfully.


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