Author: Stephenie Meyer

Yes. This is it. The book which apparently is the ‘replacement’ for Harry Potter, since JK Rowling’s tale of the boy wizard ended. I must say that I am quite late in picking this up. The book is well into it’s 4th (?) book and the first’s movie had just been released.

To be honest, I felt the first few chapters of the book a bit ‘dry’. There was no concentration on anything else, except for Bella’s thoughts and her conversation with Edward. Kinda boring. But, everything just seem to pick up when he brought her to meet his family. Only then I felt that the book began to get interesting

Anyway, what is the book all about? If you have not known, this is a tale of forbidden love. A tale between a vampire and a human (muggle?) girl that he desired to ‘eat’. However, he fell in love with her and could not bring himself to change her into the monster that he is.

There are sequels to this story, so, there isn’t much to tell just yet. After all, this is just the first book. The moral of the story is perhaps the struggle both characters had to endure – both thinking that s/he isn’t worth the other sacrifices. Teenage love aside, I think this story is the beginning of something for readers to ponder – love which knows no boundaries, love despite all odds and the dilemma one faces in keeping your loved one with you.

Now, on to the movie…

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