Fortune Telling

I can’t believe I agreed to follow my parents to an obscure kampung in Sg Buloh to see a fortune teller. Most of the time, I take these comments with a pinch of salt, although I do occassionally read websites on fortune telling. I read, too, those annual forecasts emails forwarded by people, but I usually forget about what they foretold even before Chap Goh Mei.

Anyway, the three of us took turns to sit in front of the elderly lady and soon enough, after shuffling a deck of cards, they were laid down in front of me. I didn’t need to say anything, or ask anything and the lady started off rattling about things.

To be honest, there are some parts that she said were quite true about me – dunno whether it is my subconcious mind trying to connect reality with what she said, but of course, some were just generic.

Okay, here goes… if I can remember everything she said…

My life is generally good, only thing is I think too much sometimes. I need to relax more. When I am doing something, I need to keep my focus and not deviate (ie, think too much). She also commented that if I want to venture into something new, I need to find out and learn everything about it first before starting (which describes my personality of finding everything  out before i will buy anything or even giving advice unless i am 100% sure of the info) I won’t be fantastically rich or too poor, my whole life would be just right – enough for me to eat and live. (good! don’t know true or not, until i live till 70 years old!)

Human relations wise, I am fantastic, I can talk to people of all levels and all nationalities (true. wonder if i can quote her in my resume?) and that includes children. I love children, but not too many of them. And I dislike noise. Too noisy and I will complain of being bothersome (true. i hate loud noises, makes my head ache) From these comments on, I started to have confidence in whatever she was saying.

Work wise, I am doing fine, although I need to be more careful. Her advise is to think before I act and don’t be rash (i think this is pretty general) I asked her towards the end if my line of work is appropriate and whether I should venture into a new line, ie change jobs, but she merely mentioned that I need to do my research properly before going. She also repeated that I need to keep my focus, not to think that much. Furthermore, I can’t go on joint ventures with others. Joint ventures would lead to disagreement and I would lose motivation. If I were to start a business, I need to do it myself.  (so, stay on? move on only when i am sure? start own business? and, sorry guys, there goes our joint venture!)

Money wise I will have some fortune luck in the 1st half of 2009 (but i don’t gamble!) and probably some money making opportunities in work (huh? BC? more bonus? fat hopes!) She said that I am a very money minded person and money comes first. Next year, I will always be thinking of how to make money (i wanted to laugh!) and my career would still come first.  I am one who likes houses and will buy properties once I have the chance (very true! why buy a car which will depreciate?) but I won’t buy a big house. To me, a small and comforatble one will do. (also true, so big, no need to clean meh?)

Family wise, I need to marry someone who is older. If I marry someone who is younger, I need to put more in the relationship and I wouldn’t be so happy. An older partner means happier. I would also have good children and she sees that my old self will be taken care of my children – so no need to book a place at the old folks’ home. (these, i can’t vouch for their truth) So, people out there, get me an older man! My mom asked her a question about my love luck, why don’t I seem to have any, and here comes the good part –

She mentions that I, think of money first, which is the reason why I don’t think of love being so important. I laughed out loud here! Well, although not entirely true, but still quite true. I don’t think of marriage as my most important issue, but my wish is always to have a windfall (how, i dunno, since i don’t gamble) and I could pay off my mortgage. Then, I will get a condo and rent it out. Sheesh, now only I realised I am money minded.

I don’t think I am to the point of materialistic, because I am not into expensive brands and what-not, but like mentioned in my last post, if I were to find someone, I want to ensure that our life together would be at least comfortable. Many friends have asked me not to think too much, but seeing some worrying all the time makes me wonder why the hell dive in? As long as I am happy now, anything is fine.

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