Sheer stupidity

That’s all I can think of when I read yet another newspaper report on girls/women being duped or ‘exposed’ on the internet. Some people might defend these girls by quoting naivety, but if this is so, then there really is a thin line between ‘naivety’ and ‘stupidity’.

There are hundreds (or thousands, even) of girls/women the same age and thinking as they are (or the ‘population’ as statistic books call them) and yet they don’t get duped. I mean, if it’s the other way round, it’s a high percentage of those getting conned (or victimised, if you want to put it in a nicer way) , then maybe (just maybe) there is something wrong with our society. But, in these cases, only a very, very small percentage gets into trouble.

I am referring to this report which came out in our most widely read paper. Even before it came out, I had known about the case of these two girls whose photos were ‘published’ by some blogger. Yes, I have seen them and yes, they were quite shocking. Since this blog might be occassionally visited by young people, I don’t want-lah, to post the pictures here. Siapa-siapa wants the link, ask me. 

But I must warn you, yeah, it should be looked at only in private! No kids or parents around!

Anyway, what surprises me is that these girls are willing models. They don’t appear to be drugged nor forced. Coerced? Maybe? But it looked like they enjoyed taking those pictures. I am just wondering – if they are in good jobs now, have good BFs and/or hubbies, how would this affect their lives? Honestly speaking, if I ever see one of my colleagues (be it close or otherwise) in these positions (ahem) I would not look at her the same way again.

Yes, call me traditional. I just can’t think of how they will ever face their families and friends again. Some more the internet is accessible around the world! Imagine you go for an interview and then the interviewer has seen your picture. In his/her mind, would be your naked pics. Eww..

But having said that, I am not saying that I am fully against pre-marital sex or flings or whatever. If you choose to do it, that’s your choice. I, as an outsider, would have no say or comment. After all it’s your life. It wouldn’t affect how I judge you. So what?


Don’t la go and take pictures like that… No matter how much you trust that fella, you can’t guarantee that one day these photos will get somewhere. We aren’t Hollywood stars here. We don’t need all these publicity.



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